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FREE list of cybersecurity acronyms used in Federal Government by NIST, DoD, Air Force, Army, Navy

Cybersecurity Acronyms

There are a lot of cybersecurity acronyms used in the Federal Government.  So many, in fact that I had to split this list into three web pages.  Click on the button below to go to the letters A thru H.  From there you can get to I thru R , then S thru Z. 

Cyber Acronyms
Cyber Dictionary & Acronyms.  The acronyms list is available here FREE (really).

Cyber Dictionary: & NIST Acronyms

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The Cyber Dictionary covers all aspects of cybersecurity in simple-to-understand manner. Includes over 70 pages of NIST cybersecurity acronyms. Written by a former member of the Intelligence Community.  The ePub offers easy page navigation, just click on a letter in the table of contents. The Cyber Dictionary is updated regularly as new words bubble up to the top. 

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