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Cyber Acronyms A thru H

Definitions can be found in the "Cyber Dictionary: & NIST Acronyms" available on

2FA     Two-Factor Authentication

2G      2nd Generation

3G      3rd Generation

3GPP  3rd Generation Partnership Project

4G      4th Generation

8DPSK  8 Phase Differential Phase Shift Keying

A        address resource record type

AA       ABAC attribute authority

AAA     Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting 

AAAE   American Association of Airport Executives

AAAK   Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting Key 

AAAS  American Association for the Advancement of Science

AAD    Additional Authentication Data

AAL     Authenticator Assurance Level

AAMI  Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation

AAMVA  The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators

AAR     after action report

AAS      adaptive antenna system

AASC   Attribute and Authorization Services Committee

A&A     Assessment and Authorization

ABNF   Augmented Backus–Naur Form

AC        Alternating Current

ACC     Air Combat Command

ACCC   AFFOR Communications Coordination Center

ACD     Applied Cybersecurity Division

ACE     access control entry

ACEL   Autonomic Computing Expression Language

ACES   Access Certificates for Electronic Services

ACL     Access Control List; Accounting Legend Code, Asynchronous Connection-Less

ACM   Access Control Mechanism, Association for Computing Machinery

ACNS Advanced Crash Notification Systems

ACO   Authenticated Ciphering Offset

ACPI   Advanced Configuration and Power Interface

ACPT  Access Control Policy Tool

ACRLCS  Access Control Rule Logic Circuit Simulation

ACR    Access Control Rule

ACT    AFNETOPS Compliance Tracker

ACT-IAC  American Council for Technology – Industry Advisory Council

AD      Authenticated Data, Active Directory

ADAL   Active Directory Authentication Library

ADDS  Active Directory Domain Services

ADFS  Active Directory Federation Services

ADMIN-I Admin Identity

ADN    Abbreviated Dialing Numbers

ADP    Army Doctrine Publication

ADRP  Army Doctrine Reference Publication.

ADS    alternate data stream

AEAD Authenticated Encryption with Associated Data

AES    Advanced Encryption Standard

AES-CBC  AES-Cipher Block Chaining

AES-CCM Advanced Encryption Standard–Counter with CBC-MAC

AES-CMAC Advanced Encryption Standard-Cipher-based Message Authentication Code

AES-CTR  AES-Counter Mode

AETC   Air Education and Training Command

AF       Air Force, Asset Framework

AFAIK “As Far As I Know”

AFCEITB  Air Force Consolidated Enterprise Information Technology Baseline

AF CTTA  Certified TEMPEST Technical Authority (CTTA)

AFD     Autonomous Fire Detector

AFH    Adaptive Frequency Hopping

AFI     Air Force Instruction

AFIA   Air Force Inspection Agency

AFIN   Air Force Information Network

AFIS Air Force Inspection System

AFLCMC Air Force Life Cycle Management Center

AFMAN  Air Force Manual

AFNET   Air Force Network

AFNET-S Air Force Network-SIPRNet

AFNIC    Air Force Network Integration Center

AFPD     Air Force Policy Directive

AFOSI    Air Force Office of Special Investigations

AFRIMS  Air Force Records Information Management System

AfriNIC   Africa Network Information Centre

AFQTP    Air Force Qualification Training Package

AFSC     Air Force Specialty Code

AFSPC  Air Force Space Command

AFSSI    Air Force System Security Instruction

AGA     American Gas Association

AGC     Application Generic Controller, Automatic Generation Control

A-GPS  assisted global positioning system

AGU    Address Generation Unit

AH      Authentication Header 

AHIC  American Health Information Community

AHU  Air Handling Unit

AI      Artificial Intelligence, Asset Identification

AIC    Architecture and Infrastructure Committee

AICPA  American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

AID     Application Identifier

AIDC  Automatic Identification and Data Capture

AIM    Algorithms for Intrusion Measurement, Asset Inventory Management

AIMD  Active Implantable Medical Device

AIR     Accountability in RDF

AIRWeb  Adversarial Information Retrieval on the Web

AIS Alarm Indication Station, Automated Information System

AIT  Automatic Identification Technology

AJAX  Asynchronous JavaScript and XML

AK  authorization key

AKA  Authentication and Key Agreement, or a.k.a also known as

AKID  Authorization Key Identifier

AKM  Authentication and Key Management 

AKP Advanced Key Processor

ALG  Application Layer Gateways, Application Level Gateways

ALPR  Automatic license plate reader 

ALT Alternate Logon Token

ALTSECID  Alternate Security Identification

AMA Authentication Mechanism Assurance

AMD Active Medical Device

AMI Advanced Metering Infrastructure

AMI-SEC AMI Security [Task Force]

AMP Alternate MAC/PHY

AMQP   Advanced Message Queuing Protocol

AMS Autonomous Modular Sensor

ANI-ALI automatic-number-identification/ automatic-location-identification

ANSI American National Standards Institute

ANS American National Standard

ANSDIT American National Standard Dictionary of Information Technology

ANTD   Advanced Network Technologies Division

AO Authorizing Official

AOL Alternate Operating Location

AIA Authority Information Access

AOR Authorized Organizational Representative

AP Access Point, Attribute Provider

APC Area Processing Center

APCO  Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials

APDU  Application Protocol Data Unit

APEC  Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

API  Application programming interface 

APN  Access Point Name

APNIC   Asia Pacific Network Information Centre 

APPEL  A P3P Preference Exchange Language

APS Attribute Practice Statement

APT Advanced Persistent Threats

APWG   Anti-Phishing Working Group

AR augmented reality

ARCYBER  United States Army Cyber Command

ARF Asset Reporting Format

ARIN  American Registry for Internet Numbers

ARL  Authority Revocation List, Army Research Laboratory

ARP Address Resolution Protocol

ARPA  Advanced Research Projects Agency

ARRA American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

ARM  Access Rights Management

ARM  Advanced Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC) Machine

AS Authentication Server, Autonomous System, Authentication System, Access Strum 

ASAP-SG Advanced Security Acceleration Project – Smart Grid

ASC Application Specific Controller

ASC X9  Accredited Standards Committee X9

ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASD Average Sortie Duration

ASI Authorized Service Interruptions

ASKDF  Application-Specific Key Derivation Functions

ASLR Address Space Layout Randomization

ASM  Abnormal Situation Management

ASN  Autonomous System Number 

ASN.1   Abstract Syntax Notation One

ASP  Active Server Page

AST Abstract Syntax Tree

ASTM   American Society for Testing and Materials

ASVs unmanned or autonomous surface vehicles

AS&W  Attack Sensing and Warning

AT  Awareness and Training

ATA Advanced Technology Attachment

ATIM  Announcement Traffic Indication Message

ATM  Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Automated Teller Machine

ATO Approval to Operate

ATP  Army Techniques Publication 

ATR Attribute

ATT Attribute Protocol

AU Audit and Accountability

AuC  Authentication Center

AUCX Audit Connection

AUEP Audit Endpoint

AUFS Advanced Multi-Layered Unification Filesystem

AUTN   Authentication Token

AV Anti-Virus

AVIEN  Anti-Virus Information Exchange Network

AVL automatic vehicle location

AVM  Attribute Value Metadata

AVP Authorized Vendor Program, Attribute-Value Pair

AWL Application Whitelisting

AXFR DNS Full Zone Transfer Query Type

AXN  Attribute Exchange Network



B2B Business to Business

BA  Client Backup-Archive Client

BABOK® Business Analysis Body of Knowledge®

BAC  Business Associate Contract

BACnet The BACnet Protocol Standard

BAD Behavioral Anomaly Detection 

BAE Backend Attribute Exchange

BAN Building Area Network

BBM  BIOS-Based Management

BCD  Binary Coded Decimal

BCEB  Baldrige Cybersecurity Excellence Builder

BCN Building Control Network

BCS Building Controls System

BCP  Best Current Practice; Business Continuity Plan

BCQ Basic Cyber Qualified 

BD Blu-ray Disc

BDA Battle Damage Assessment

BDB  Biometric Data Block

BDS Boot Device Selection

BEC Business Email Compromise

BER  Basic Encoding Rules

BER-TLV  A data object coded according to ISO/IEC 8825-2

BESS Battery Energy Storage System

BGP  Border Gateway Protocol 

BGP-4   Border Gateway Protocol 4 

BGPsec  Border Gateway Protocol Security

BGP-SRx  BGP Secure Routing Extension

BHO  Browser Helper Objects

BI Background Investigation

BIA  Business Impact Analysis, BIA Bump in the API

BIBBs  BACnet Interoperability Building Blocks

BIM  BIOS Integrity Measurement, Building Information Modelling

BIN Budget Identification Number

BIND Berkeley Internet Name Daemon

BIO  Authentication Using Off-Card Biometric Comparison

BIO-A   Attended Authentication Using Off-Card Biometric Comparison

BIO(-A)  A short-hand to represent both BIO and BIO-A authentication mechanism

BioAPI  Biometric Application Programming Interface

BioCTS  Biometric Conformance Test Software

BIOS  Basic Input/Output System

BIoT  Building Internet of Things 

BIS  Bump in the Stack

BIT  Biometric Information Template

BITS  Bump in the Stack

BLE  Bluetooth Low Energy

BLP Bell-LaPadula

BoE  Body of Evidence 

BOFH  Bastard Operator from Hell

BMC Basic Mission Capable

BPML Business Process Modeling Language

BPO Boundary Protection Operator

BPSS Baseline Personnel Security Standard

BR Basic Rate

BRP  Business Resumption Planning

BS  base station

BSC  Base Station Controller

BSD Berkeley Software Distribution

BSI  British Standards Institution

BSIA  British Security Industry Association

BSIMM Building Security In Maturity Model

BSQLI   Blind SQL Injection Attack 

BSS  Basic Service Set

BSSID   Basic Service Set Identifier 

BT-SEG  Bluetooth Security Expert Group

BTNS  Better Than Nothing Security

BTS  Base Transceiver Station

BTU British Thermal Unit

BU  Binding Update

BUA   Binding Update Acknowledgement

BWR  Boiling Water Reactor

BYOD   Bring-Your-Own-Device 



C&C Command-and-Control

C2 Command and Control

C3I&N Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence and Networks

C4 NOTAM Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Notice to Airmen

C&A  Certification and Accreditation 

CA  Agency Certification Authority, Principal Certification Authority, CA Technologies

CAA Controlled Access Areas

CAC  Common Access Card 

CAD computer-aided design, computer aided dispatch 

CAESARS Continuous Asset Evaluation, Situational Awareness, and Risk Scoring

CAG  Consensus Audit Guidelines

CAIDA  Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis

CAK  Card Authentication Key

CALEA Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act

CAM  COMSEC Account Manager

CANBUS  Controller Area Network

CAN-SPAM Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing

CAP Corrective Action Plan, Cryptographic Access Program, Common Alerting Protocol

CAPCO Controlled Access Program Coordination Office

CAPEC™ Common Attack Pattern Enumeration and Classification 

CAPP  Controlled Access Protection Profile

CAPTCHA  Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart 

CARL  Certification Authority Revocation List

CARO  Computer Antivirus Research Organization

CAT Cyber Action Team

CAS  Collaborative Automation System

CATT Lab Center for Advanced Transportation Technology Laboratory 

CAV  Card Authentication Value (JCB payment cards)

CAV2  Card Authentication Value 2 (JCB payment cards)

CAVP  Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program 

CAW  Certification Authority Workstation 

CB Crew Bulletin

CBC  Cipher Block Chaining

CBC/MAC  Cipher Block Chaining-Message Authentication Code

CBEFF  Common Biometric Exchange Formats Framework

CBOR  Concise Binary Object Representation 

CBSR  Cost, Benefit, Schedule, and Risk

CBT  Computer Based Training

CC  Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation,  Commander

CCB  Configuration Control Board, Change Control Board 

CCC  Card Capability Container, Causes and Consequences

CCETM  Common Configuration Enumeration 

CCEP  Commercial COMSEC Evaluation Program 

CCESC  Cloud Computing Executive Steering Committee

CCEVS  Common Criteria Evaluation and Validation Scheme 

CCF  Common Cause Failure 

CCI  Controlled Cryptographic Item, Assembly, Component, Equipment 

CCIPS Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section

CCK  Complementary Code-Keying

CCM  Counter with Cipher Block Chaining-Message Authentication Code 

CCMP   Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code Protocol

CCRA  Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement

CCSS  Common Configuration Scoring System 

ccTLD   Country-code Top-level Domain 

CD  Checking Disabled, compact disc, committee draft, counter deception

CDAR Classified Data at Rest

CDB  Common Data Bus

CDC  Cleared Defense Contractors, Core Data Center

CDF Cumulative Distribution Function

CDFS  Compact Disc File System

CDH  Cofactor Diffie-Hellman

CDM Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation

CDMA   Code Division Multiple Access

CDMI  Cloud Data Management Interface

CDN Content Delivery Network

CDR Call Detail Record

CD-R  Compact Disc Recordable

CD-ROM  Compact Disk—Read-Only Memory

CDS  Cross-Domain Solution 

CDSE  Cross Domain Service Element

CDSO  Cross Domain Solution Office

CE Cryptographic Erase

CEC California Energy Commission

CEE Common Event Expressions

CEIG Cyberspace Engineering Installation Group

CEGAR Counterexample-Guided Abstraction Refinement

CEMA  Cyberspace Electromagnetic Activities

CEO  chief executive officer

CERF  cyber effects request format (DOD)

CERIAS Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security

CERT  computer emergency response team

CERT/CC  Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center

CEU Continuing Education Unit

CF  Compact Flash

CFAA  Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

CFATS  Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards 

CFB  Cipher Feedback mode

CFETP Career Field Education and Training Plan

CFI  Computer and Financial Investigations

CFG  Control Flow Guard 

CFL  Core Function Lead

CFM Career Field Manager

CFP Communications Focal Point 

CFR Code of Federal Regulations

CFRDC  Computer Forensics Research and Development Center

CFSIs  Counterfeit, Fraudulent and Suspect Items

CFT Composite Force Training

CFTT  Computer Forensics Tool Testing

CGA  Cryptographically Generated Address

CGE  Cisco Global Exploiter

CGI  Common Gateway Interface, Computer Graphics Interface, Commercial Grade Item

CGN  Carrier-Grade NAT

cgroup Control Group

CHAMP  Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project 

CHAP  Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol 

CHP Combined Heat and Power

CHVP  Cryptographic High Value Products

CHUID  Card Holder Unique Identifier

CI Configuration Item

C&I Commercial and Industrial

CIA Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability

CIAC  Computer Incident Advisory Capability (U.S. Department of Energy)

CI&A Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability

CID  Card Identification Number (American Express and Discover payment cards)

CIDR  Classless Interdomain Routing, Classless Inter-Domain Routing

CIF Common Industry Format

CIFS  Common Internet File System

CII Core Infrastructure Initiative

CIK  Cryptographic Ignition Key

CIKR  Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources

CIL Common Intermediate Language

CIM  Common Information Model

CIMA Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

CIMI  Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface

CIMR  Code Integrity Measurement Register

CIO  Chief Information Officer 

CIP  Common Industrial Protocol; Critical Infrastructure Protection

CIPA Children’s Internet Protection Act, Classified Information Procedures Act

CIPC  Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee

CIPS Cyberspace Infrastructure Planning System

CIPSEA  Confidential Information Protection and Statistical Efficiency Act 

CIR   Consumer Infrared, Cyber Incident Report

CIRC  Computer Incident Response Capability; Computer Incident Response Center

CIRDB  CERIAS Incident Response Database

CIRT  Computer Incident Response Team 

CIS Center for Internet Security, Cryptographic Interoperability Strategy, Customer  Information System

CISA  Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015

CISI Critical Infrastructure Security Information

CISO  Chief Information Security Officer

CISQ Consortium for IT Software Quality

CITS  Combat Information Transport System

CJCSI Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction

CK  Confidentiality Key

CKL Compromised Key List

CKMS Cryptographic Key Management System(s)

CLF  Common Log Format

CLI  command line interface

CLO  Chief Learning Officer

CLR Common Language Runtime

CLSI  Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute

cm  Centimeter

CM Configuration Management

CMA  Certificate Management Authority

CMaaS   Continuous Monitoring as a Service

CMAC   Cipher-Based Message Authentication Code 

CMAS Commercial Mobile Alert System

CMC Classified Materiel Conversion

CMCS   COMSEC Material Control System 

CMD Commercial Mobile Device

CMDS Communications Mission Data Set

CME  Common Malware Enumeration

CMI Classified Message Incident

CMO Circuit Management Office

CMOS  complementary metal oxide semiconductor

CMM  Collaborative Manufacturing Management 

CMMS  Computerized Maintenance Management System, Computer-based Maintenance Management Systems

CMR Combat Mission Ready

CMS  Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Cryptographic Message Syntax

CMS Certificate Management System, Credential Management System, Content Management System

CMSS  Common Misuse Scoring System 

CMTC   Card Management System to the Card

CMU Carnegie Mellon University

CMUF   Cryptographic Modules User Forum

CMVP   Cryptographic Module Validation Program 

CMWG  Cloud Management Working Group

CN  Correspondent Node, common name

CNA  Computer Network Attack

CNAP Cybersecurity National Action Plan 

CND  Computer Network Defense 

CND-A Computer Network Defense Analyst

CND-AU Computer Network Defense Auditor

CND-IR Computer Network Defense Incident Responder

CND-IS Computer Network Defense Infrastructure Support

CND-SP Computer Network Defense Service Providers

CND-SPM Computer Network Defense Service Provider Manager

CNIC  Cellular Network Isolation Card 

CNN Cellular Neural Network

CNSS Committee on National Security Systems

CNSSD  CNSS Directive

CNSSI Committee on National Security Systems Instruction

CNSSP Committee on National Security Systems

CoA  Care of Address

CoAP  Constrained Application Protocol 

COBIT  Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology 

Codec  Coder-Decoder

COCOM Combatant Command

COF Ciphering Offset Number

COG  Continuity of Government 

COI  Community of Interest, Conflict-of-Interest

Co-Lo  co-location

COM Component Object Model

COMPSAC  Computer Software and Applications Conference

COMPUSEC  Computer Security 

COMSEC  Communications Security 

CoN  Certificate of Networthiness

CONOP  Concept of Operations 

COOP  Continuity of Operations Plan 

C-OPE   Cyber Operational Preparation of the Environment 

COPPA  Children‘s Online Privacy Protection Act

COR  Central Office of Record; Contracting Officer’s Representative

CoR Certificate of Reconstitution

CORA Cyber Operations Risk Assessment

CORBA® Common Object Request Broker Architecture

COS  Corrected on the Spot 

COSO  Committee of Sponsoring Organizations

CoT Chain of Trust

COTS Commercial off-the-shelf 

COW  Cell on Wheels

CP Certificate Policy, Contingency Plan

CPAS  Collaborative Process Automation System

CPCN Civilian Position Control Number

CPD Core Personnel Document

CPE™  Common Platform Enumeration

CPE-D CPE Dictionary

CPE-L CPE Applicability Language

CPE-M CPE Name Matching

CPE-N CPE Naming

CPI  Compression Parameter Index, Cybercrew Position Indicator 

CPIC Capital Planning and Investment Control

CPLD Complex Programmable Logic Device

CPNI  Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure

CPO Chief Privacy Officer

CPS  Certification Practice Statement; Cyber-Physical Systems 

CPU  Central Processing Unit

CRADA Collaborative Research and Development Agreement

CRAM   Challenge-Response Authentication Mechanism

CRC  Cyclical Redundancy Check

CRCX Create Connection 

CRGs community response grids

CRL Certificate Revocation List

CRM  Customer Relationship Management

CRS Collaborative Robotic System 

CRT Cathode Ray Tube

CRTM Core Root of Trust for Measurement

CRUD   Create-Read-Update-Delete

Cryppie  Hackerspeak for a cryptographer 

CS  client/server, Communications Squadron

CS1  Cybersecurity 1

CSA Core Specification Addendum, Cloud Security Alliance, Canadian Standards

CSAA Code Signing Attribute Authority

CSA5 Core Specification Addendum 5

CSC  Card Security Code (American Express), Client Service Center

CSCS Cyberspace Security and Control System

CSCS-BPO  CSCS Boundary Protection Operator

CSCS-CC  CSCS Crew Commander

CSCS-CPO  CSCS Client End Point Protection Operator

CSCS-DSO  CSCS Directory Services Operator

CSCS-IFO  CSCS Infrastructure Operator

CSCS-MMO  CSCS Monitoring Management Operator

CSCS-OC  CSCS Operations Controller

CSCS-SVO  CSCS Storage and Virtualization Operator

CSCS-VAO  CSCS Vulnerability Assessment Operator

CSCS-VRO  CSCS Vulnerability Remediation Operator

CSCTG  Cyber Security Coordination Task Group

CSD  Computer Security Division

CSDII  Cross Sector Digital Identity Initiative

CSE  Communications Security Establishment of the Government of Canada

CSET  Cyber Security Evaluation Tool 

CSF Cybersecurity Framework, Cloud Services Forum

CSFB  Circuit Switch Fallback

CSI Cyberspace Systems Integrator

CSIA  Cybersecurity and Information Assurance

CSIM  CDMA Subscriber Identity Module

CSIP Cybersecurity Strategy and Implementation Plan

CSIR Communications and Information Systems Installation Records

CSIRC   Computer Security Incident Response Capability

CSIRT   Computer Security Incident Response Team 

CSL Cybersecurity Liaison 

CSM Configuration Settings Management

CSMA/CA Carrier Sense Media Access/Collision Avoidance

CSMS Cybersecurity for Smart Manufacturing Systems

CSN Central Services Node

CSO  Computer Security Object, chief security officer 

CSOR  Computer Security Object Registry

CSP  Credential Service Provider; Critical Security Parameter, Cloud Service Provider

CSR  Certificate-Signing Request, Customer Service Representative

CSRC Computer Security Resource Center

CSRDA Cyber Security Research and Development Act of 2002

CSRF  Cross-Site Request Forgery 

CSRK Connection Signature Resolving Key

CSS  cascading style sheet, Central Security Service

CSV Comma-Separated Value

CSSLP Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional

CSSWG Control Systems Security Working Group

CST  Cryptographic and Security Testing, Client Support Technician

CSWG Cyber Security Working Group

CT  Medical X-Ray Computed Tomography Scanner, Continuation Training

CTAK  Cipher Text Auto-Key

CTC  Cardholder to Card

CTD Chain of Trust for Detection, Cybercrew Training Device

CTE  Cardholder to External System

CT&E  Certification Test and Evaluation 

CTI Controlled Technical Information

CTIA  Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association

CTG  Cryptographic Technology Group

CTO  chief technology officer, Cyber Tasking Order

CTP Cybercrew Training Program

CTR  counter mode encryption

CTRec Chain of Trust for Recovery

CTR mode Counter mode

CTTA  Certified TEMPEST Technical Authority 

CTU  Chain of Trust for Update

CUI  Controlled Unclassified Information 

CV  Computer Vision

CVC  Card Verifiable Certificate

CVE Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures

CVR  Cloud Video Recording 

CVSS  Common Vulnerability Scoring System 

CVV  Card Verification Value (Visa and Discover payment cards)

CVV2  Card Verification Value 2 (Visa payment cards)

CW Cyberspace Wing

CWA  Closed World Assumption 

CWE Common Weakness Enumeration

Cx Commissioning

CybersecVM Cybersecurity Virtual Machine

CybOX™  Cyber Observable eXpression (TM MITRE Corporation) 

CYSS  Cyberspace Support Squadron



d2d device-to-device

D&D Denial and Deception

DA  Destination Address, Distribution Automation, data assimilation

DAA  Designated Approval Authority; Designated Approving (Accrediting) Authority 

Daap   Decentralized Application  

DaaS Data-as-a-Service

DAC  Discretionary Access Control 

DAD  Duplicate Address Detection

DAML DARPA Agent Markup Language

D-AMPS  Digital Advanced Mobile Phone Service

DANE DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities

DAO Designated Authorizing Official, Data Access Object

DaR  Data at Rest

DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

DATO Denial of Authorization to Operate

DAU  Dümmster Anzunehmender User

DASD  Direct Access Storage Device

DASH7  Developers Alliance for Standards Harmonization

dBm Decibels referenced to one milliwatt

DBMS   Database Management System

DC  domain controller

DCC  Defensive Counter—Cyber

DCE Distributed Computing Environment

DCES Dublin Core metadata version 1.1

DC HSEMA District of Columbia Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency 

DCI Defense Critical Infrastructure

DCIE   Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency 

DCIFed  DCI Federation Working Group

DCIMS Data Center Inventory Management System

DCMS   Derived PIV Credential Management System

DCO  Defensive Cyberspace Operations (DOD)

DCOM  Distributed Component Object Model

DCO-IDM  defensive cyberspace operations – internal defensive measures (DOD)

DCO-RA  defensive cyberspace operations – response action (DOD)

DCPDS Defense Civilian Personnel Data System

DCS  Distributed Control System, Defense Collaboration Services

dd  duplicate disk/data dump

DDC  Direct Digital Controls 

DDL  Device Description Language

DDMS DoD Discovery Metadata Standard

DDoS  Distributed Denial of Service 

DEA  Data Encryption Algorithm

DE.AE  Detect Anomalies and Events

DED  Dark-Emitting Diode (Hackerspeak for a burned-out LED) 

DeNB  Donor eNodeB

DEA  Data Encryption Algorithm

DECC Defense Enterprise Computing Center

DEE Defense Enterprise Email

DEERS Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System

DEMAN Demanufacture

DEP  Data Execution Prevention 

DER  Distinguished Encoding Rules, Distributed Energy Resources

DES  Data Encryption Standard

DESMF Defense Enterprise Service Management Framework

DevOps Development and Operations 

DEWG Domain Expert Working Group

DFBA Defense Forensics and Biometrics Agency

DFR Digital Fault Recorder

DFS  Dynamic Frequency Selection, Distributed File System

DG  Data Group

DGM Distribution Grid Management

DH  Diffie-Hellman

DHkey Diffie-Hellman Key

DHAAD  Dynamic Home Agent Address Discovery

DHCP  Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol 

DHCPv4  Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv4

DHCPv6  Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6

DHS U.S. Department of Homeland Security

DHHS  Department of Health and Human Services

DHK Diversifier Hiding Key

DIB Defense Industrial Base

DIL Disconnected, Intermittent, Limited

DIM  Desktop Management Interface

DIMA Defense Intelligence Mission Area

DIMR  Data Integrity Measurement Register

DIMS  Digital Identity Management Service

DIS  Draft International Standard

DISA  Defense Information Systems Agency

DISN Defense Information Systems Network

DISR  Defense IT Standards Registry

DIV Diversifier

DIY do-it-yourself

DKIM Domain Keys Identified Mail

DL  Description Logic, Driver License

DLADS Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services

DLCX Delete Connection

DLL  dynamic link library

DLP  Data Loss Prevention

DM Device Management

DMA differential mobility analyzers

DMARC  Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance

DMCC-S DoD Mobility Classified Capability-Secret

DMDC Defense Manpower Data Center

DMTF   Distributed Management Task Force

DMUC DoD Mobility Unclassified Capability

DMV  Department of Motor Vehicles

DMZ  Demilitarized Zone 

DN  Distinguished Name, domain name

DNN Deep Neural Network 

DNI Director of National Intelligence

DNP  Distributed Network Protocol

DNs  Distinguished Names 

DNS  Domain Name System 

DNS-ALG  Domain Name System-Application Layer Gateway

DNSBL  Domain Name System Blacklist

DNSKEY  Domain Name System Key

DNSSEC Domain Name System Security, DNS Security Extensions

DO Director of Operations

DOB  Date of Birth

DOC  Designed Operational Capability

DoC U.S. Department of Commerce

DoD U.S. Department of Defense

DoDAF Department of Defense Architectural Framework

DoDD Department of Defense Directive

DoDI  Department of Defense Instruction

DODIN  Department of Defense information network

DODIN-A  Department of Defense information network – Army

DoDM Department of Defense Manual

DoE  U.S. Department of Energy

DOJ  U.S. Department of Justice

DOI  Domain of Interpretation

DOK Weapons and Tactics Office

DOM  Document Object Model

DoS  Denial of Service; U.S. State Department 

DOT Unit Training Office

DoT U.S. Department of Transportation

DOTMLPF Doctrine, Organization, Training, Material, Leadership & Education, Personnel &


DPA  Differential Power Analysis 

DPCD  Digital Protection and Control Device 

DPCI Derived PIV Credential

DPI  Deep Packet Inspection

dpi  dots per inch

DPWS Device Profile for Web Services

DQPSK Differential Quaternary Phase Shift Keying

DR  Demand Response, Disaster Recovery 

DPA  differential power analysis

DRAS  Demand Response Automation Server 

DRB  Data Radio Bearer

DRBG   Deterministic Random Bit Generator 

DRM  Digital Rights Management 

DRP  Disaster Recovery Plan 

DS  Digital Signal, Delegation Signer, Differentiated Services

DS Field  differentiated services field

DSA  Digital Signature Algorithm

DSAWG  Defense Information Assurance Security Accreditation Working Group

DSCC Defense Server Core Configuration

DSL  Digital Subscriber Line

DSML  Directory Services Markup Language

DSN  Delivery Status Notification

DSO Directory Services Operator

DSoD  Dynamic Separation of Duty

DSPF Distribution System Power Flow

DSRM   Directory Services Restore Mode

DSS  Digital Signature Standard, Defense Security Service

DSTM  Dual Stack Transition Mechanism

DTC  Distributed Transaction Coordinator

DTD  Data Transfer Device, Document Type Definition 

DTIC Defense Technical Information Center

DTLS  Descriptive Top-Level Specification 

DTR  Derived Test Requirement

DTS  Diabetes Technology Social

DUID  DHCP unique identifier

DUNS  Data Universal Numbering System

DVD  Digital Video Disc

DVD-R  DVD-Recordable

DVD-ROM  Digital Video Disc - Read-Only Memory

DVD-RW  Digital Video Disc – Rewritable

DVS-G DISA Video Service-Global

DXE Driver Execution Environment  



E3  Electromagnetic Environmental Effects

EA  Enterprise Architecture, Electronic Attack (DOD)
EaaS  Entropy as a Service, Energy as a Service
EAC  Election Assistance Commission

EACMS  Electronic Access Control and Monitoring Systems

EAL  Evaluation Assurance Level 

EAP  Extensible Authentication Protocol

EAP-FAST  Extensible Authentication Protocol Flexible Authentication via Secure Tunneling

EAPOL  Extensible Authentication Protocol Over LAN

EAPOL-KCK  Extensible Authentication Protocol Over LAN Key Confirmation Key

EAPOL-KEK  Extensible Authentication Protocol Over LAN Key Encryption Key

EAP-TLS  Extensible Authentication Protocol-Transport Layer Security

EAP-TTLS  Extensible Authentication Protocol-Tunneled Transport Layer Security

EARF  electronic attack request format (DOD)

EAS  Electronic Article Surveillance, Emergency Alert System

E-authentication  Electronic Authentication  

EBGP  Exterior Border Gateway Protocol 

EBNF  Extended Backus Naur Form

e-business  Electronic Business 

ebRIM   Electronic business Registry Information Model

EBTS Electronic Biometric Transmission Specification

ebXML  Electronic Business XML

EC2N   Elliptic Curve over G[2N]

ECA  External Certification Authority

ECB  Electronic Code Book

ECC  Elliptic Curve Cryptography

ECDH  Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman

ECDSA  Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm

ECM  Enterprise Configuration Manager

ECMC Enterprise Continuous Monitoring Capability

ECN Explicit Congestion Notification  

ECP  Encryption Control Protocol, Elliptic Curve Group Modulo a Prime

ECP  Enterprise Compliance Profile

ECPA Electronic Communications Privacy Act

ECSB Enterprise Cloud Service Broker

ECU  End Cryptographic Unit 

EDC  Error Detection Code 

EDDL  Electronic Device Description Language

EDGE  Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution

EDI Electronic Data Interchange

EDI-PI Electronic Data Interchange Personal Identifier

EDIV Encrypted Diversifier

EDR Enhanced Data Rate

EEA  EPS Encryption Algorithm

EEPROM  Electronically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory

EEO Equal Employment Opportunity

EFI Extensible Firmware Interface

EFICI Elementary File Incoming Call Identifier

EFOCI Elementary File Outgoing Call Identifier

EFP  Environmental Failure Protection 

EFS  Encrypting File System

EFT  Environmental Failure Testing 

EGP  Exterior Gateway Protocol

e-gov  E-Government 

EH  extension header

EICAR  European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research

EHR  Electronic Health Records 

EIA  EPS Integrity Algorithm

EIEMA  Enterprise Information Environment Mission Area

EISA Energy Independence and Security Act

EIGRP   Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol

EIGS Engineering and Installation Governance Structure

EIK  EAP Integrity Key

EIR  Equipment Identity Register

EITDR  Enterprise Information Technology Data Repository

EITSM Enterprise Information Technology Service Management

EKMS   Electronic Key Management System 

EL  Engineering Laboratory

ELINT   Electronic Intelligence

EM   Encoded Message

eMASS Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service

E-mail  Electronic Mail

EMAP   Event Management Automation Protocol 

eMASS Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service

EMC  Electromagnetic compatibility 

EMCON  Emission Control

EMCS  Energy Management Controls System

EMI  Electromagnetic interference

EMP Electromagnetic Pulse

EMS  Enhanced Messaging Service, Energy Management System, EMS Emergency Medical Services, electromagnetic spectrum (DOD)

EMSEC  Emanations Security 

EMSK   Extended Master Session Key

EMSO  Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (DOD)

EMT  Emergency Medical Technician

EMV  Europay, MasterCard, and Visa Chip and-PIN Technology

eNB  eNodeB, Evolved Node B

eNodeB  Evolved Node B

EO Executive Order

EOF  End of File

EO-IR CM  Electro-Optical-Infrared Countermeasures

EOST end of service time

EOSTI end-of-service time indicator

EP  Electronic Protection, Emergency Procedures

EPAL Enterprise Privacy Authorization Language

EPC  Electronic Product Code, Evolved Packet Core, Enclave Page Cache

EPCF Endpoint Configuration

EPCIS  Electronic Product Code Information Services

EPE Emergency Procedure Evaluation

EPHI  Electronic Protected Health Information 

EPIC Electronic Privacy Information Center

EPL  Evaluation Products List 

EPP Endpoint Protection Platform

EPRI Electric Power Research Institute

EPSA Electric Power Supply Association

EPS  Events Per Second, Evolved Packet System

EPSA Electric Power Supply Association

ER Encryption Root

E-RAB   E-UTRAN Radio Access Bearer

ERC  Enhanced Reliability Check

ERP  Enterprise Resource Planning

ERT  Emergency Response Team

Erfc Complementary Error Function

ES Electric Storage, Electronic Warfare Support (DOD)

ESAM Energy Sector Asset Management

ESAPI Enterprise Security API

ESB Enterprise Service Bus

ESCARS  Embedded Security in Cars

eSCO Enhanced Synchronous Connection Oriented

ESD Enterprise Service Desk

ESDC  Employment and Social Development Canada

ESDSA  Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm

ESE electronic safety equipment

ESI Energy Services Interface, Enterprise Software Initiative 

ESM  Enterprise Security Manager

ESMS  enterprise security management system

ESMTP  Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

ESN  Electronic Serial Number, Extended Sequence Number

ESP  Encapsulating Security Payload, Energy Service Provider

ESS  Extended Service Set, Energy Storage System

ESU Enterprise Services Unit

ET Electric Transportation

ETIMS Enhanced Technical Information System

ETSI  European Telecommunications Standard Institute

eUICC   Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card

EU  European Union

EUI-64   Extended Unique Identifier 64-bit Addresses

EULA  End User License Agreement

EUMD End Use Measurement Device

E-UTRAN  Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network

EV Electric Vehicle

EV/PEV/PHEV Electric Vehicle/Plug-in Electric Vehicle/Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

EV-DO Evolution Data Optimized

EVSE Electric Vehicle Service Element

EVSSL  Extended Validation Secure Sockets Layer

EW  Electronic Warfare

EWO  electronic warfare officer (DOD)

Ext2FS   Second Extended File System

Ext3FS   Third Extended Filesystem 



FAA Federal Aviation Agency

FACCI   Florida Association of Computer Crime Investigators

FACTA Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act

FACT Act Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2003

FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions

FAR  False Acceptance Rate, Federal Acquisition Regulations

FASC-N  Federal Agency Smart Credential Number 

FAT  File Allocation Table, Factory Acceptance Test

FBA  Forms Based Authentication

FBCA  Federal Bridge Certification Authority 

FBI  Federal Bureau of Investigation

FCC  Federal Communications Commission

FCCI  Federal Cloud Computing Initiative

FCC ID  Federal Communications Commission Identification Number

FCD  Federal Continuity Directive

FCKMS  Federal Cryptographic Key Management System

FCL Final Checklist List

FCPF  Federal PKI Common Policy Framework

FCRA  Fair Credit Reporting Act

FCS  Frame Check Sequence

FCSM  Federal Computer Security Managers

FDA Food and Drug Administration

FDCC  Federal Desktop Core Configuration

FDCE  Federated Development and Certification Environment

FDDCI Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative

FDE  Full Disk Encryption 

FDI  Field Device Integration

FDIC  Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

FDIS  Final Draft International Standard 

FDT  Field Device Tool 

FEA Federal Enterprise Architecture

FEA-SPP  Federal Enterprise Architecture Security and Privacy Profile

FED-STD  Federal Standard

FEDRAMP Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program

FEK  file encryption key

FEMA   Federal Emergency Management Agency

FERPA  Family Education Rights Privacy Act

FFMIA  Federal Financial Management Improvement Act

FFO  Federal Funding Opportunity, Funded From Operations

FFRDC  Federally Funded Research and Development Center

FFS  Fast File System

FHFA  Federal Housing Finance Agency

FHSS Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum

FIB  Forwarding Information Base

FICC  Federal Identity Credentialing Committee

FICAM  Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management 

FIDO  Fast IDentity Online 

FIFO  First In, First Out

FIM  Federated Identity Management 

FIPPs  Fair Information Practice Principles

FIPS  Federal Information Processing Standard 

F.I.R.E.  Forensic and Incident Response Environment

FIRMR  Federal Resource Management Regulation

FIRSTTM Forum for Incident Response Teams

FirstNet  First Responder Network Authority

FIS Federal Information System

FISCAM  Federal Information System Controls Audit Manual

FISMA  Federal Information Security Management Act 

FISSEA  Federal Information Systems Security Educators’ Association 

FiST File Sanitization Tool

FLASH Fire Line Advanced Situational Awareness for Handhelds

FLETC  Federal Law Enforcement Training Center 

FLIR Fault Location, Isolation, Restoration

FM  Formal Methods, Field Manual (Army)

FMECA Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis

FMR False Match Rate

FMS  Fluhrer-Mantin-Shamir

FNMR False Non-Match Rate

FNS  Food and Nutrition Services

FOIA Freedom of Information Act

FPAs  Federal Power Agencies

FPC  Federal Preparedness Circular

FPE  Format-Preserving Encryption

FPGA  Field-programmable gate array

FPKI  Federal Public Key Infrastructure

FPKI  Federal Public Key Infrastructure Architecture

FPKI PA  Federal Public Key Infrastructure Policy Authority 

FPKISC  Federal PKI Steering Committee 

FPRF Fire Protection Research Foundation

FQDN  Fully Qualified Domain Name

FR Framework Requirement

fr Framework Response

FRAGO Fragmentary Order

FRAM Ferroelectric RAM

FRCS  Facilities Related Controls System 

FRN Federal Network Resiliency, Federal Register Notice

FRR  False Rejection Rate

FS Financial Sector

FSA Functional System Administrator

FSL  Facility Security Level

FSO  field security office

FSSCC  Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council

FT Framework Topic

FTC  Federal Trade Commission

FTCA  Federal Trade Commission Act

FTE  Full-Time Equivalent, Failure to Enroll Rate 

FTP  File Transfer Protocol

FTU Formal Training Unit

FUS  Fast User Switching

FY  Fiscal Year  


3G  3rd Generation

G-2  assistant chief of staff, intelligence (DOD)

G-9  assistant chief of staff, civil affairs operations (DOD)

/GS  Buffer Security Check 

GAL Global Address List

GAN  Generative Adversarial Network

GAO  U.S. Government Accountability Office

GAPP Generally Accepted Privacy Principles

GAU  Größter Anzunehmender Unfall 

GB  Gigabyte

GbE Gigabit Ethernet

GCM  Galois/Counter Mode

GCN  Government Computer News

GCSE  Group Communication System Enablers

GDI Graphics Device Interface

GE Gilbert-Elliot

GEIA  Government Electronics & Information Technology Association

GETS Government Emergency Telecommunications Service

GFAC  generalized framework for access control

GFE Government Furnished Equipment

GFIRST  Government Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams

GFSK Gaussian Frequency-Shift Keying

GHz  Gigahertz

GIAC Global Information Assurance Certification

GIC Group Insurance Commission

GICTF   Global Inter-Cloud Technology Forum

GICS  Generic Identity Command Set

GIG Global Information Grid

GII  Global Information Infrastructure 

GINA  graphical identification and authentication

GIS Geographic Information System

GITSB   Government Information Technology Services Board 

GIYF  Google Is Your Friend 

GKEK   Group Key Encryption Key

GKH Good Known Host

GLANSER Geospatial Location Accountability and Navigation System for Emergency Responders

GLBA Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

GLM generalized linear models

GLUE  Grid Laboratory Uniform Environment

GMAC   Galois Message Authentication Code

GMK  Group Master Key

GMT Greenwich Mean Time

GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System

GNU Gnu’s Not Unix

GnuPG  GNU Privacy Guard

GOOSE  Generic Object-Oriented Substation Events 

GOTS Government Off-the-Shelf

GP  Guiding Principles

GPEA  Government Paperwork Elimination Act of 1998


GPL General Public License

GPMC  Group Policy Management Console

GPO Group Policy Object, Government Printing Office 

GPRS  General Packet Radio Service 

GPS Global Positioning System

GPSK Generalized Pre-Shared Key

GPT GUID Partition Table

GPU Graphics Processor Unit

GR  Graceful Restart 

GRC Governance, Risk, and Compliance

GRE  Generic Routing Encapsulation

GRS  General Records Schedule

GS1  Global Standards One

GSA  General Services Administration

GSC-IS  Government Smart Card Interoperability Specification

GSEC GIAC Security Essentials Certification, Group Security Research Group

GSM  Global System for Mobile Communications 

GSMA   GSM Association, GSMA Groupe Speciale Mobile Association

GSS General Support System

GSSP Generally Accepted Security Practices

GSU Geographically Separated Unit

GTC  Generic Token Card

GTEK  Group Traffic Encryption Key

GTIMS Graduate Training Integration Management System

GTK  Group Temporal Key

gTLD  Generic Top-level Domain

GTSM   Generalized TTL Security Mechanism 

GTRI  Georgia Tech Research Institute

G&T Generations and Transmission 

GUI  Graphical User Interface

GUID  Global Unique Identification number 

GUTI  Globally Unique Temporary Identity

GVS Global Video Services

GWAC  GridWise Architecture Council

GWES   Graphics, Windowing, and Events Subsystem

GWF  Goober with Firewall  



HA  High Availability, Home Agent

HAD  High Assurance Domains

HAG  High Assurance Guard 

HAMR  Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording

HAN Home Area Network

HAVA   Help America Vote Act

HAZMAT Hazardous Materials

HBA Host Bus Adapter

HCF  Halt and Catch Fire

HCI Host Controller Interface, Human-Computer Interaction

HDL  Hardware Description Language

HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface

HeNB  Home eNodeB

HeNB-GW  HeNB Gateway

HERF  Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Fuel

HERO  Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance

HERP  Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to People

HEW  U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare

HF  High Frequency 

HFS  Hierarchical File System

HHS  Department of Health and Human Services

HIE  Health Information Exchange 

HIMSS  Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society

HINFO  Host Information

HIP  Host Identity Protocol

HIPAA  Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HIPERLAN  High Performance Radio Local Area Network

HIPPS  High-Integrity Pressure Protection System 

HIPS  Host Intrusion Prevention System

HIS High-Impact System

HistSoD  History-based Separation of Duties

HITECH  Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health

HITSP Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel

HKLM  HKEY_Local_Machine

HL7 Health Level 7

HMAC   Hash-based Message Authentication Code 

HMD head-mounted display

HMI  human-machine interface

HoA  Home Address

HPA  Host Protected Area

HPCMP High Performance Computing Modernization Program

HPE  Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HPFS  High-Performance File System

HPKP HTTP Public Key Pinning

HRBAC  Hierarchical Role Based Access Control

HS High Speed

HSARPA  Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency

HIS Homeland Security Institute

HIT  Health Information Technology

HITRUST  Health Information Trust Alliance

HSPA  High Speed Packet Access

HSPD  Homeland Security Presidential Directive

HSS  Home Subscriber Server

HSTS HTTP Strict Transport Security

HTCC HyTrust CloudControl

HTCIA  High Technology Crime Investigation Association

HTCP  Hypertext Caching Protocol

HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol

HTTPS  Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure

HUDs Heads-up displays

HVA High Value Asset

HVAC   Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning

HWAM Hardware Asset Management

Hz  Hertz

2019 Cyber Dictionary

2019 Cyber Dictionary

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