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Cyber Acronyms - I thru R

Definitions can be found in the "Cyber Dictionary: & NIST Acronyms" available on



IaaS  Infrastructure as a Service

I&A  Identification and Authentication

I&W  Indications and Warning

I/O  input/output, information operations

I3P  Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection

IA  Information Assurance 

IA-64  64-bit Intel Itanium architecture 

IaaS Infrastructure-as-a Service

IAB  Internet Architecture Board, Interagency Advisory Board

IAC Information Assurance Component 

IACE Information Assurance Collaborative Environment

IACE-S Information Assurance Collaborative Environment-SIPRNet

IACIS®  International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists

IACS  Industrial Automation and Control Systems

IAD Information Assurance Directorate

IAFC International Association of Fire Chiefs

IAFIS  Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System 

IAIP  Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection

IAM  Information Assurance Manager, Information Assessment Methodology 

IANA  Internet Assigned Number Authority 

IAO  Information Assurance Officer 

IASAE Information Assurance System Architects and Engineer

IASE Information Assurance Support Environment

IAT Information Assurance Technical

IATAC  Information Assurance Technology Analysis Center

IATF Information Assurance Technical Framework

IATO  Interim Approval to Operate, Interim Authorization to Operate 

IATT  Interim Approval to Test 

IAVA  Information Assurance Vulnerability Alert

IAVB Information Assurance Vulnerability Bulletin

IAVM Information Assurance Vulnerability Management

IB Implementation Baseline

IBAC  Identity Based Access Control

IBC Iterated Block Cipher 

IbC Internet-based Capabilities

IBE  Identity-Based Encryption

IBGP  Internal Border Gateway Protocol 

IBMJSSE  IBM Java Secure Sockets Extension

IBSS  Interdependent Basic Service Set

IC Intelligence Community, incident commander

IC3  Internet Crime Complaint Center

ICAMP  Incident Cost Analysis and Modeling Project

ICAMSC  Identity, Credential, and Access Management Subcommittee

ICANN  Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers 

ICC  Integrated Circuit Card

ICCC  Internet Crime Complaint Center

ICCD Integrated Circuit Card Device

ICCID  Integrated Circuit Card Identification

ICCP  Inter-control Center Communications Protocol

ICD  Intelligence Community Directive

ICF  Internet Connection Firewall

ICMC  International Cryptographic Module Conference

ICMP  Internet Control Message Protocol

ICMPv4  Internet Control Message Protocol for IPv4

ICMPv6  Internet Control Message Protocol for IPv6 

ICP  Internet Caching Protocol

ICS  Industrial Control System 

ICSA  International Computer Security Association

ICSEA   International Conference on Software Engineering Advances

ICST  International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation

ICSTW  International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation Workshops

ICT Information and Communications Technology

ICV  Integrity Check Value

ID  Identifier

ID-10-T  Hackerspeak “IDIOT”

IDA  Institute for Defense Analyses

IdAM  Identity and Access Management

IDART™  Information Design Assurance Red Team

IDE  Integrated Drive Electronics, integrated development environment

IDEA  International Data Encryption Algorithm

IDEF  Identity Ecosystem Framework

iDEN  Integrated Digital Enhanced Network

IDESG Identity Ecosystem Steering Group

ID-FF  Identity Federation Framework

IDLS  Instructional Development Learning Systems

IDMEF  Intrusion Detection Message Exchange Format

IDMS  Identity Management System

IdP Identity Provider

IdP STS Identity Provider Security Token Service

IDP  Internet Death Penalty 

IDPS  Intrusion Detection and Prevention System 

IDS  Intrusion Detection Systems 

ID-SIS  Identity Service Interface Specifications

ID-WSF  IDentity Web Service Framework

ID-WSF DST  Identity Web Services Framework Data Services Template

IE  Internet Explorer

IEC International Electrotechnical Commission

IED  Intelligent Electronic Device 

IEEE  Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IEEE-SA  IEEE Standards Association

iEMS  RADiFlow ICS/SCADA router configuration management software

IESG  Internet Engineering Steering Group

IETF  Internet Engineering Task Force 

IETF BCP  Internet Engineering Task Force Best Current Practice

IETF RFC  Internet Engineering Task Force Request for Comments

IFAC International Federation of Accountants

iFACTS  Interim Future Area Control Tools Support

IFIP  International Federation for Information Processing

IFTTT  If This Then That

IG  Implementation Guidance

igamc Incomplete Gamma Function

IGMP  Internet Group Management Protocol

IGMPv3  Internet Group Management Protocol version 3

IGP  Interior Gateway Protocol

IHE Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise

IHS  Indian Health Service

IIC  Industrial Internet Consortium

IICSWG Interagency International Cybersecurity Standardization Working Group

IID  Independent and Identically Distributed

IIHI  Individually Identifiable Health Information

IIoT  Industrial Internet of Things 

IIP  Internet Infrastructure Protection

IIS  Internet Information Server

IK  Integrity Key

IKE  Internet Key Exchange

ILCM Integrated Life Cycle Management

ILK Intermediate Link Key

ILTK Intermediate Long Term Key

IM  Instant Messaging; Identity Manager

IMF Impossible Missions Force

IMAP  Internet Message Access Protocol 

IMDS Integrated Maintenance Data System

IMEI  International Mobile Station Equipment Identity 

IMETI International Multi-Conference on Engineering and Technology Innovation

IMR  Integrity Measurement Register 

IMS  IP Multimedia Subsystem

IMSI  International Mobile Subscriber Identity

IMT  Information Management Technology

IN  Internet

INCITS  InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards

INCOSE International Council on Systems Engineering

INFOCON Information Condition

INFORMS  Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences

INFOSEC  Information Systems Security 

INK Inner Key

INL Idaho National Laboratory

I-NOSC Integrated NOSC

Intel TXT Intel Trusted Execution Technology

Intel VT Intel Virtualization Technology

INWT Intermediate Network Warfare Training

IO  Information Operations 

I/O  Input/Output

IoC Inversion of Control

IOC Indicators of Compromise

IODEF   Incident Object Description Format

IoHT Internet of (Hackable) Things 

iOS  iPhone Operating System

IOS  Internetwork Operating System 

IoT  Internet of Things 

IOU  Investor-Owned Utilities

IP  Internet Protocol, Information Protection

IPA  initial privacy assessment, Information Protection Alerts

IPAWS Integrated Public Alert and Warning System

IPB  intelligence preparation of the battlefield (DOD)

IPC Industrial Personal Computer

IPComp  IP Payload Compression Protocol

IPD  Initial Public Draft

IPDC  Internet Protocol Device Control

IPN Installation Processing Node

IPng  Internet Protocol Next Generation

IPP Independent Power Producer

IPR Intellectual Property Rights

IPS  Intrusion Prevention System(s) 

IPsec  Internet Protocol Security 

IPsec-WIT  IPsec Web Based Interoperability Tester 

IPT  Integrated Process Teams

IPv4  Internet Protocol version 4 

IPv6  Internet Protocol version 6 

IPX  Internet Packet Exchange

IQF Individual Qualification Folder

IQT Initial Qualification Training

IR Incident Response, Identity Root, Interagency Report, infrared

IRB  Institutional Review Board

IRC  Internet Relay Chat, information-related capabilities (DOD)

IrDA®  Infra-Red Data Association

IREX Iris Exchange

IRK Identity Resolving Key

IRM  Information Resources Management 

IRQ  Interrupt Request Line

IRS  Internal Revenue Service, Incident Reporting System

IRTF  Internet Research Task Force 

ISA  Interconnection Security Agreement, International Society of Automation 

ISAC  Information Sharing and Analysis Center

ISACA   Information Systems Audit and Control Association

ISAKMP  Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol

ISAO Information Sharing and Analysis Organization

ISAP  Information Security Automation Program

ISAPI  Internet Server Application Programming Interface

ISATAP  Intra-site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol

ISC Information System Component

ISC2 International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium

ISCM Information Security Continuous Monitoring 

ISCM-TN Information Security Continuous Monitoring Target Network

ISCP  Information System Contingency Plan 

iSCSI   Internet Small Computer System Interface 

ISD Instructional System Design, Instructional System Development

ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network

ISE  Information Sharing Environment, Identity Services Engine

ISF  Information Security Forum

ISID  Industrial Security Incident Database

iSIM Industrial Service Management Tool

ISIMC Information Security and Identity Management Committee

IS-IS  Intermediate System to Intermediate System

ISSLOB Information Systems Security Line of Business

ISM   Industrial, Scientific, and Medical

ISMS Information Security Management System

ISN Installation Services Node

ISO International Organization for Standardization, Independent System Operator, ISO—Information System Owner

ISOO Information Security Oversight Office

ISORC International Symposium on Object/Component/Service-Oriented Real-Time Distributed Computing

ISP  Internet Service Provider 

ISPAB   Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board

ISR  intelligence, surveillance, & reconnaissance (DOD)

ISS  Internet Security Systems

ISSE  Information Systems Security Engineer 

ISSEA  International Systems Security Engineering Association 

ISSM  Information Systems Security Manager 

ISSO  Information System Security Officer 

ISSPM   Information Systems Security Program Manager

ISU Information System User

ISV  Independent Software Vendor

IT  Information Technology

ITAA  Information Technology Association of America 

ITAM Information Technology Asset Management

ITCC Information Technology Commodity Council

ITF  Interrogator Talks First

ITGEB IT Governance Executive Board

ITGI IT Governance Institute

ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library

ITL  Information Technology Laboratory

ITS Intrusion Tolerant Systems, Information Transport System

ITS JPO  Intelligent Transportation System Joint Program Office

ITSM Information Technology Service Management

ITU  International Telecommunications Union 

ITU-T  International Telecommunications Union – Telecommunications Sector 

ITU-TSS  International Telecommunications Union – Telecommunications System

IUT  Implementation Under Test

IV  Initialization Vector 

IVR Interactive Voice Response

IV&V  Independent Verification & Validation 

IVA  Independent Validation Authority 

IVAs  Intelligent Virtual Assistants 

IW Information Warfare

IW/IO Information Warfare/Information Operations

IWCE  International Wireless Communications Expo

IWCT  International Workshop on Combinatorial Testing

IWG  Interagency Working Group 

IXP  Internet Exchange Point  



J2EE  Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition

JAD Joint Application Development

Java  EE Java Platform, Enterprise Edition

JAXR  Java API for XML Registries

JCC  Joint Cyberspace Center

JFC  joint force commander (DOD)

JFFS2 Journaling Flash File System, Version 2

JFT Joint Force Training

JID Jabber IDs

JIE Joint Enterprise Environment (DISA)

JIMS Joint Incident Management System

JIT  just-in-time

JITC Joint Interoperability Test Command

JNI Java Native Interface

JOSE JSON Object Signing and Encryption

JP Joint Publication (DOD)

JPAS Joint Personnel Adjudication System

JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group

JQS Job Qualification Standard

JRE  Java Runtime Environment

JSM  Java Security Manager

JSSE  Java Secure Socket Extension

JSON JavaScript Object Notation

JSP  Java Server Page

JTAG  Joint Test Action Group

JTC1 Joint Technical Committee 1

JTF Joint Task Force

JTFTI  Joint Task Force Transformation Initiative

JVM  Java Virtual Machine

JWICS Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System

JWT JSON Web Token



KAK  Key-Auto-Key

KB  Kilobyte 

Kbps  Kilobit per second

KBA  Knowledge-Based Authentication 

KBKDF  Key-Based Key Derivation functions

KBP  Knowledge-Based Proofing 

KBV  Knowledge-Based Verification 

KDC  Key Distribution Center 

KDF Key Derivation Function

KDM Knowledge Discovery Metamodel

KEK  Key-Encryption-Key 

KG Key Generator

KGD  Key Generation and Distribution

kHz  Kilohertz 

KINK  Kerberized Internet Negotiation of Keys

KMAC   Keccak Message Authentication Code

KMI  Key Management Infrastructure 

KMIP  Key Management Interoperability Protocol 

KOA  KMI Operating Account 

KPC  KMI Protected Channel 

KSA Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

KSG Key Stream Generator

KSK  key signing key

Krack  Key Reinstallation AttaCK

KVM Kernel-Based Virtual Machine; Keyboard, video, and mouse



L2CAP  Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol

L2F  Layer 2 Forwarding

L2TP  Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol

L2VPN  Layer 2 VPN

L3VPN  Layer 3 VPN

LACNIC  Latin American and Caribbean IP Address Regional Registry

LACS  Logical Access Control System

L.A.W.S.  Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems 

LAN  Local Area Network 

LB  Lower Bound 

LCC  Life-Cycle Cost

LCD  Liquid Crystal Display

LCP Link Control Protocol

LDA  Local Delivery Agent

LDAP  Lightweight Directory Access Protocol 

LDAPS  Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (Secure)

LE  Low Energy, Law Enforcement

LED  Light Emitting Diode

Leet  Hackers alternative alphabet. Also written as 133t or l337

LEL  Lower Explosive Limit 

LEO  Law Enforcement Officer

LEP List of Effective Pages

LF  Low Frequency

LFE Large Force Exercise

LFSR Linear Feedback Shift Register

LFW  Labeled Faces in the Wild 

Li-Fi  Wireless data streaming using LED lights to transmit information 

LIR  Local Internet Registry

LIS Low-Impact System

LISP  Locator/ID Separation Protocol

LKM Loadable Kernel Module

LLA link-local addressing

LLP Link Layer Protocol

LM  LAN Manager

LMD/KP  Local Management Device/Key Processor

LMP  Link Manager Protocol

LMR  Land Mobile Radio 

LMS Load Management System

LND  Last Numbers Dialed 

LOA Level of Assurance

LoC Lines of Code

LOC  Location

LOPA  Layer of Protection Analysis 

LoRa Alliance  Long Range Alliance

LOS Line-of-Sight 

LP Learning Point

LPAR  Logical Partition 

LPSV  Low Pressure Safety Valve 

LRA  Local Registration Authority 

LRC  Longitudinal Redundancy Code

LRS  Longest Repeated Substring

LSAP  Link Service Access Point 

LSB  Least Significant Bit

LSI Large-Scale Integration

LSM Loadable Software Module

LTC Load Tap Changer

LTE  Long Term Evolution

LTK Long-Term Key

LTS Long-Term Support

LUA  limited user account

LVPSV  Low and Vacuum Pressure Safety Valve 

LWM2M DM Lightweight M2M Device Management

LXC Linux Container  



m  Meter

M2  Direct communication between devices 

M2M  Machine-to-Machine

M3AAWG Messaging Malware Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group 

MA Maintenance

MAA  Measurement Assessment Authority

MaaS  Malware-as-a-Service 

MAC  Mandatory Access Control; Message Authentication Code; Mission Assurance Category; Media Access Control; Modification, Access, and Creation 

MACsec  Media Access Control Security

MaDIoT  Manipulation of Demand Internet of Things

MAE1 Mutual Aid Engine

MAEC™ Malware Attribute Enumeration and Characterization (TM The MITRE Corporation)

MAF  multi-mode authentication framework

MAG Microsoft Azure Government

MAM  Mobile Application Management

MAN  Metropolitan Area Network 

MANET  Mobile Ad-hoc Network

MAO  Maximum Allowable Outage

MAPS  Mail Abuse Prevention System

MAV Micro Aerial Vehicle

MB  Megabyte

MBAS Mutual Box Alarm System

MBD model-based design

Mbps  Megabits Per Second

MBR  Master Boot Record

MBSA  Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

MCPTT  Mission Critical Push-To-Talk

MD  Message Digest

MD5  Message Digest 5

MDC Mission Data Card

MDCX  Modify Connection

MDDS   Medical Device Data Systems 

MDM Mobile Device Management

MDMP  military decision-making process (DOD)

MDMS  Meter Data Management System

MDS  Mobile Device Security

MDT  Mobile Data Terminal

ME  Mobile Equipment

MED  Multi-Exit Discriminator 

MEF  Mission Essential Functions

MEID  Mobile Equipment Identifier

MEK  Media Encryption Key 

MEL  Master Equipment List

MEMS microelectromechanical system

MEP  message exchange pattern

MES  manufacturing execution system

MET Mission Essential Tasks

MFA Multi-Factor Authentication

MFD Multi-Function Device

MFQ  Master Question File

MFUA  Mission/Functional Unique Application

MGC  Management Client 

MGCP   Media Gateway Control Protocol  

MGN  Medical-Grade Network 

MHz  Megahertz

MIB  Management Information Base

MIC  Message Integrity Check, Message Integrity Code, mandatory integrity control

MICT Management Internal Control Toolset

MID  Mobile Internet Devices

MIKEY  Multimedia Internet KEYing

MILDEC  Military Deception

MILE  Managed Incident Lightweight Exchange

MilPDS Military Personnel Data System

MIME  Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

MIMO   Multiple Input, Multiple Output

min minute

MIN  mobile identification number

Mini SD  mini secure digital

MINEX Minutia Exchange

MIP  Modules-In-Process

MIPv4   Mobile IPv4

MIPv6   Mobile IPv6

MIS Moderate-Impact System

MISREP Mission Report

MISTI  MIS Training Institute

MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MitB  Man-in-the-Browser Attack 

MitM  Man-in-the-Middle Attack 

MK Master Key

ML MetaLangauge

MLD  Multicast Listener Discovery

MLDv1  Multicast Listener Discovery version 1

MLDv2  Multicast Listener Discovery version 2

MLE Measured Launch Environment

MLS  Multiple Levels of Security; Multilevel Security 

MMC  Multi-Media Card, Microsoft Management Console

MMCmobile  MultiMediaCard Mobile

MME  Mobility Management Entity

MMO Monitoring Management Operator

MMS  Multimedia Messaging Service

MMT  Multi-Block Message Test

MN  Mobile Node

MNO  Mobile Network Operator

MO  Magneto Optical

MOA  memorandum of agreement

MOB Managed Object Browser

MOBIKE  IKEv2 Mobility and Multihoming Protocol

MODP   Modular Exponential Diffie-Hellman Group

MOU/A  Memorandum of Understanding/Agreement 

MOSS  MIME Object Security Services

MOVS  Modes of Operation Validation System

MP Media Protection, Metapolicy

MPA  Mobile Prefix Advertisement

MPCN Manpower Position Control Number

MPC Mission Planning Cell

MPEG   Moving Picture Experts Group

MPES Manpower Programming and Execution System

MPPE  Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption

MPLS Multiprotocol Label Switching

MPS  Mobile Prefix Solicitation

MPT Mission Planning Team

MPTO  Methods and Procedures Technical Order

MQT Mission Qualification Training

MQTT   Message Queueing Telemetry Transport

MQV  Menezes-Qu-Vanstone algorithm

MR Mission Ready

MRI  Magnetic Resonance Imaging 

MRT  Machine Readable Table

MRTD   Machine Readable Travel Document

MS  Mobile Subscriber, Microsoft

MSA Mail Submission Agent

MSB  Most Significant Bit

MSC  Mobile Switching Center

MSCUID Legacy Identifier Government Smart Card Interoperability Specifications

MS-CHAP  Microsoft Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol

MS-DOS  Microsoft Disk Operating System

MSDP  Multi-source Discovery Protocol

MSK Master Session Key

MSEC  Multicast Security

MSEL  Master Scenario Events List

MSIL  Microsoft Intermediate Language

MSISDN  Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network

MSK  Master Session Key

MSKB  Microsoft Knowledge Base

MSL  Multiple Security Levels, Master Station Log

MSN Mission Qualification

MS SQL  Microsoft Structured Query Language

MSS  Maximum Segment Size

MSSP  Managed Security Services Provider

MST Minimum Spanning Tree

MSWG  Metadata Standards Working Group

MT  Metamorphic Testing

MTA  Mail Transfer Agent, Mission-task-asset

MTBF Mean Time Between Failure

MTC Mobile Threat Catalogue

MTD  Maximum Tolerable Downtime, Moving Target Defense

MTF Medical Treatment Facilities

MTIPS  Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Services

MTM  Mobile Trusted Module

MTO Maintenance Tasking Order

MTP  Mobile Threat Protection

MTTF Mean Time To Failure

MTU  Maximum Transmission Unit, master telemetry unit, master terminal unit

MUA  Mail User Agent

MUD  Manufacturers Usage Description 

MUD File  Manufacturers Usage Description File 

MVNO  Mobile Virtual Network Operator

mW Milliwatt

MW Megawatt

MWR  Morale, Welfare, and Recreation

MX  Mail Exchanger



N/A Not Applicable

NA  Neighbor Advertisement

NAC  Network Access Control, National Agency Check

NACI National Agency Check with Inquiries 

NAK Not acknowledged

NaN Not a Number

NAN Neighborhood Area Network

NANOG  North American Network Operators Group

NAP  Network Access Protection, Network Access Point

NAPT  Network Address and Port Translation

NARA   National Archives and Records Administration

NAS  Network-Attached Storage, Non-Access Stratum

NASA  National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASPI   North American Synchrophasor Initiative

NASPO North American Security Products Organization

NAT  Network Address Translation 

NATS National Air Traffic Service

NAT-PT  network address translation—protocol translation

NAT-T   Network Address Translation Traversal

NAVWAR  Navigation Warfare

NBA  Network Behavior Analysis

NBAD  Network Behavior Anomaly Detection

N-BMC  Non-Basic Mission Capable

NC Non-component, Nonce, Non-current

NCC FSWG NIST Cloud Computing Forensic Science Working Group

NCCIC National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center

NCCoE  National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

NCEP  National Cybersecurity Excellence Partner

NCES  NetCentric Enterprise Services

NCHC   National Criminal History Check

NCIC  National Crime Information Center

NCP National Checklist Program

NCRIC  Northern California Regional Intelligence Center

NCSD  National Cyber Security Division

NCSI  NIST National Center for Standards and Certification Information

ND  Neighbor Discovery

NDA  Non-Disclosure Agreement

NDAC  nondiscretionary access control

NDE  Non-Destructive Examination

NDI Non-Developmental Item

NDM naturalistic decision making

NDS/IP  Network Domain Security / Internet Protocol

NDT  Non-Destructive Testing

NE Network Environment

NEA Non-Enterprise Activated

NEF  National Essential Functions

NeHC National eHealth Collaborative

NEMSIS National EMS Information System

NENA National Emergency Number Association

NERC North American Electric Reliability Corporation

NESAG  Network Equipment Security Assurance Group

NetBEUI  NetBIOS Extended User Interface

NetBIOS  Network Basic Input/Output System

NetBT  NetBIOS over TCP/IP

NetD Network Defense

NetOps Network Operations

NFAT  Network Forensic Analysis Tool

NFC  Near Field Communication

NFIQ NIST Fingerprint Image Quality

NFIRS National Fire Incident Reporting System

NFO Nonfederal Organization

N-FORS National Fire Operations Reporting System

NFPA  National Fire Protection Association

NFS  network file system, Network File Sharing

NFV  Network Function Virtualization

NG9-1-1 Next generation 9-1-1

NGAC Next Generation Access Control

NGAC-FA Next Generation Access Control Functional Architecture

NGAC-GOADS  Next Generation Access Control Generic Operations and Abstract Data Structures

NGAC-IRPADS  Next Generation Access Control- Implementation Requirements, Protocols and API Definitions

NGO Non-Government Organization

NH  Next Header, Next Hop

NHIN Nationwide Health Information Network

NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

NIAC  National Infrastructure Advisory Council

NIAP  National Information Assurance Partnership

NIC  Network Interface Card

NICC  National Infrastructure Coordinating Center

NICE National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education

NICTA  National ICT Australia

NIEF  National Identity Exchange Federation

NIEM  National Information Exchange Model

NIH  National Institutes of Health

NIJ  National Institute of Justice

NIMS National Incident Management System

NIP National Intelligence Program

NIPC  National Infrastructure Protection Center

NIPP  National Infrastructure Protection Plan

NIPRNet Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network

NIS  Network Information Service

NISAC  National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center

NISCC  National Infrastructure Security Co-ordination Centre

NISPOM National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual

NIST  National Institute of Standards and Technology

NISTIR  National Institute of Standards and Technology Interagency or Internal Report

NIST SP National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication

NIT Network Investigative Technique

NITRD  Networking and Information Technology Research and Development

NLCC  National Leadership Command Capability

NLECTC-NE  National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center–North East

NLOS  Non-Line-of-Sight

NLP  Natural Language Policy

NLT No Later Than

NLZ  No-Lone Zone 

NM Network Management 

NMAP Networked Messaging Application Protocol

NMR  Non-Mission Ready

NOAA   National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOFORN Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals 

NOPP Notice of Privacy Practices

NOS Network Operations Squadron

NOSC Network Operations & Security Center

NOSS Network Operations and Security Squadron

NoT  Network of Things

NPD  Network Protection Device

NPE Non-Person Entity

NPIVP   NIST Personal Identity Verification Program

NPO  National Program Office

NPPI  Non-Public Personal Information

NPSBN  Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network

NPSTC National Public Safety Telecommunications Council

NRBG   Non-deterministic Random Bit Generator 

NRECA National Rural Electric Cooperative Association 

NS  Neighbor Solicitation; Name Server

NSA  National Security Agency

NSAPI  Netscape Server Application Programming Interface

NSC  National Security Council 

NSC’s Cyber  National Security Council’s Cyber Interagency Policy Committee


NSCI  National Strategic Computing Initiative

NSD Network Server Daemon

NSEC  Next Secure

NSEC3  Hashed Next Secure

NS/EP  National Security and Emergency Preparedness

NSEPTS National Security Emergency Preparedness Telecommunications Services

NSF National Science Foundation

NSI  National Security Information 

NSPD  National Security Presidential Directive

NSRL  National Software Reference Library

NSS  Network Security Services

NSTB  National SCADA Test Bed

NSTAC  National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee

NSTIC   National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace

NSTISSC  National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Committee

NSTISSI National Security Telecommunications and Information System Security Instruction

NSTISSP National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Policy

NTFS  New Technology File System

NTFY Notify

NTI  New Technologies Inc.

NTIA  National Telecommunications and Information Administration

NTLM  NT LAN Manager

NTP  Network Time Protocol, Notice to Proceed

NTPv6   Network Time Protocol for IPv6

NTTAA National Technology Transfer and Advancement Act

NUD  Neighbor Unreachability Detection

NVD  National Vulnerability Database 

NVLAP  National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program

NVM Non-Volatile Memory

NW3C   National White Collar Crime Center

NX  no execute 

NYU  New York University



OAL  Original Equipment Manufacture Adaptation Layer

OAEP Optimal Asymmetric Encryption Padding

OAGi  Open Applications Group

OAGIS  Open Applications Group Integration Specification

OAM  Operational and Access Management

OASISTM Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards

OAuth  Open Authorization

OBDD Ordered Binary Decision Diagram 

ObjSoD  Object-based Separation of Duties

OCC  On-Card biometric Comparison, Open Cloud Consortium, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

OCCI  Open Cloud Computing Interface

OCF  Open Connectivity Foundation

OCIL  Open Checklist Interactive Language 

OCIO  Office of the Chief Information Officer

OCO  offensive cyberspace operations (DOD)

OCONUS Outside the Continental U.S.

OCSP  Online Certificate Status Protocol

ODBC   Open Database Connectivity

ODF  Open Document Format

ODNI Office of the Director of National Intelligence

OE Operating Environment

OECD  Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

OEM  Original Equipment Manufacturer

OEP  Occupant Emergency Plan

OESS  Office of E-Health Standards and Services

OET  Office of Engineering and Technology

OFB  Output Feedback

OFDM   Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

OG Operations Group

OGC  Open Geospatial Consortium

OG/CC Operations Group Commander

OGF  Open Grid Forum

OGIS Office of Government Information Services

OGSA  Open Grid Services Architecture

OGV Operations Group Standardization/Evaluation

OHA  Open Handset Alliance

OID  Object Identifier

OIDC  OpenID Connect

OIG  Office of Inspector General

OIMO Organization Identity Management Official

OIS  Office of Information Security

OISM  Office of Information Systems Management

OJE On-the-Job Evaluation

OJT  On-the-Job Training

OLA Operating-Level Agreement

OLE  object linking and embedding

OMA Open Mobile Alliance

OMB Office of Management and Budget

OMG  Object Management Group, “Oh, My God”

OMS Outage Management System

ONC Office of the National Coordinator

ONS  Object Naming Service

OOB Out of Band

OOK  On-Off Keying 

OOXML  Office Open XML

OPC  OLE for Process Control, optical particle counters

OPE  operational preparation of the environment

OpenFog RA  OpenFog Reference Architecture

OpenPGP  Open Pretty Good Privacy

OpenVPN  Open-source software application that implements virtual private network

OPEX  Operating Experience

OPM  Office of Personnel Management

OPNET  Optimized Network Engineering Tools

OPORD Operation Order

OPR  Office of Primary Responsibility

OPSEC  Operations Security 

OpSoD   Operational Separation of Duties

ORA  Organizational Registration Authority 

ORB  Open Relay Blacklist, Operational Review Board

ORCON Originator Controlled

OS  Operating System 

OSCAL  Open Security Controls Assessment Language

OSCI  Operating System Command Injection 

OSCP  Online Certificate Status Protocol

OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense

OSHA  Occupation Safety and Health Administration

OSI  Open Systems Interconnect

OSPF  Open Shortest Path First

OSPFv2  Open Shortest Path First version 2 (for IPv4)

OSPFv3  Open Shortest Path First version 3 (for IPv6)

OSS  open source software

OSSTMM  Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual

OSR2  OEM Service Release 2

OSVDB  Open Source Vulnerability Database

OTA  Over the Air, Open Travel Alliance

OTAR  Over-The-Air Rekeying

OTP One-Time Password

OTSP Office of Science and Technology Policy

O-TTPS Open Trusted Technology Provider™ Standard

OU  organizational unit

OUI   Organizationally Unique Identifier 

OVAL   Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language 

OVF  Open Virtualization Format

OWA Outlook Web Access

OWASP  Open Web Application Security Project

OWL  Web Ontology Language

OWL-S  Web Ontology Language for Services

OZ Operations Zone


P1  First parameter of a card command

P2  Second parameter of a card command

P2P  peer-to-peer

P3P  Platform for Privacy Preferences Project

PAA  Policy Approving Authority, Principal Accrediting Authority 

PaaS Platform as a Service

PAC  Privilege Attribute Certificate, Protected Access Credential

PACS Physical Access Control System

PAD  Presentation Attack Detection 

PA-DSS Payment Application Data Security Standard

PAM  Privileged Account Management 

PAN  Personal Area Network; Primary Account Number

PAN CVC2  Card Validation Code 2 (MasterCard payment cards)

PANA Protocol for carrying Authentication for Network Access

PAOS  Reverse HTTP Binding for SOAP

PAP  Password Authentication Protocol, Priority Action Plan, policy access point

PAS  publicly available specification

PAT  Port Address Translation 

PBA  Pre-Boot Authentication

PBAC  Policy-Based Access Control 

PBCC  Packet Binary Convolutional Coding

PBE  Pre-Boot Environment

PBED Planning, Briefing, Execution, and Debriefing

PBNM Policy Based Network Management

PBX Private Branch Exchange

PC  Pressure Controller 

PCA  Policy Certification Authority 

PCAP Packet Capture 

PCC Personnel Category Code

PCI  Payment Card Industry, PIV Card Issuer, Peripheral Component Interconnect

PCIe Peripheral Component Interconnect Express

PCI-DSS  Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

PCLOB  Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board

PCMCIA  Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

PCN  process control network

PCP IP  Payload Compression Protocol

PCR  Endpoint Configuration Register, Platform Configuration Register

PCRF  Policy and Charging Rules Function

PC/SC  Personal Computer/Smart Card

PCS  Process Control System

PCSF  Process Control System Forum

PCSRF  Process Control Security Requirements Forum

PD  Policy Directive, Position Description

PDA  Personal Digital Assistant

PDCP  Packet Data Convergence Protocol

pdd  Palm data dump/duplicate disk

PDD  Presidential Decision Directive

PDF Portable Document Format, Probability Density Function

PDN  Packet Data Network

PDP  Policy Decision Point

PDS  Protected Distribution System, Personal Data Store

PE Physical and Environmental Security, Protocol Encryption 

PEAP  Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol

PEC Program Element Code

PED  PIN entry device; Portable Electronic Device 

PEM  Privacy Enhanced Mail

PEP  Policy Enforcement Point, Privacy Engineering Program

PERMIS  PrivilEge and Role Management Infrastructure Standards

PEV Plug-In Electric Vehicle

PFF  Palm File Format

PFS  Perfect Forward Secrecy

PGP Pretty Good Privacy

PGP/OpenPGP Pretty Good Privacy

P-GW  Packet Gateway

PHASER Physiological Health Assessment System for Emergency Responders

PHB  Pointy-Haired Boss 

PHEV Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle

PHI Personal Health Information, Protected Health Information

PHM  Prognostics and Health Management

PHP  PHP Hypertext Preprocessor

PHR Personal Health Record

PHY  Physical Layer, Physical Access

PI  Pandemic Influenza

PI2 Potentially Identifiable Personal Information

PIA  Privacy Impact Assessment 

PICS  Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement 

PICS™  Platform for Internet Content Selection

PID  Proportional Integral Derivative

PII   Personally Identifiable Information 

PIM  Personal Information Management

PIMR  Privacy Integrity Measurement Register

PIM-SM  Protocol Independent Multicast—Sparse Mode

PIN  Personal Identification Number

PIP  Policy Information Point

PIR  Public Internet Registry 

PIT  Platform Information Technology 

PIV  Personal Identity Verification 

PIV-I  PIV-Interoperable

PIV Card  Personal Identity Verification Card 

PIV RA  Personal Identity Verification Registrar 

PIX  Proprietary Identifier Extension

PKCS  Public Key Cryptography Standard

PKE  Public Key Enabling 

PKI  Public Key Infrastructure 

PKI-AUTH  Authentication with the PIV Authentication Certificate Credential

PKI-CAK  Authentication with the Card Authentication Certificate Credential

PKIX  Public Key Infrastructure X.509

PKM  Privacy Key Management

PKMv1  Privacy Key Management Protocol version 1

PKMv2  Privacy Key Management Protocol version 2

P.L. Public Law

PL Planning, Public Law

PLC  programmable logic controller

PM Project Management

PMA  Policy Management Authority 

PMBOK® Project Management Body of Knowledge® 

PML  Physical Measurement Laboratory

PLC Programmable Logic Controller

PMEF  Primary Mission Essential Functions

PMI Preventative Maintenance Inspection

PMK   Pairwise Master Key

PMKSA  Pairwise Master Key Security Association

PMP  point-to-multipoint

PMTU   Path Maximum Transmission Unit

PMU Phasor Measurement Unit

PN  Packet Number

pNIC Physical Network Interface Card

PNG Portable Network Graphics

PoA Point of Attachment

POA&M  Plan of Action and Milestones 

POC  Point of Contact

PoE  Power over Ethernet 

POI  Point of Interaction

POL Primary Operating Location

POMS  Proactive Obsolescence Management System

POP  Post Office Protocol

PoP Period of Performance

POP3  Post Office Protocol v3 

POPRV  Pilot-Operated Pressure Relief Valve 

PORV  Pilot Operated Relief Valves 

POS  Point of sale; piece of shit 

POSE  Palm Operating System Emulator

POSRV  Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valve 

POST  Power-up Self Test

POSV  Pilot-Operated Safety Valve 

POUs  Publicly Owned Utilities

PP  Protection Profile

PPC  Pocket PC

PPDM  Privacy Preserving Data Mining 

PPDP  Privacy Preserving Data Publishing

PPE  Personal Protective Equipment

PPI  Pixels Per Inch

PPP Point-to-Point Protocol

PPS  Ports, Protocol, and Services

PPSM  Ports, Protocol, and Services Management

PPTP  Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol

PPV positive-pressure ventilation

PPVPN  Provisioner-Provided VPN

PQ Power Quality

PPQAS  Password Policy Question-Answer System

PQC  Post-Quantum Cryptography

PQCrypto  Post-Quantum Cryptography

PRA  Paperwork Reduction Act

PRAM   Privacy Risk Assessment Methodology

Pre-PAK  Pre-Primary Authorization Key

PRF  Pseudo-Random Function

PRIME  Privacy and Identity Management for Europe

PRIVO   Privacy Vaults Online

PRL  Potential Routers List

PRM  Performance Reference Model 

PRNG   Pseudorandom Number Generator

PROM   Programmable Read-only Memory 

PROPIN  Proprietary Information 

ProSe  Proximity Services

PRP Policy Retrieval Point

PRSN  Primary Services Node 

PRSN  Primary Services Node

PRV  Pressure Relief Valve 

PS Personnel Security

PSCR  Public Safety Communications Research

PSIRT Product Security Incident Response Team

PSK  Pre-Shared Key

PSN  Product Source Node 

PSO Particle Swarm Optimization

PSP  Payment Service Provider 

PSS  Probabilistic Signature Scheme

PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network

PSWAC Public Safety Wireless Advisory Committee

PTA  Privacy Threshold Analysis

PTK  Pairwise Transient Key

PTP  Precision Time Protocol

PTS  PIN Transaction Security 

PTT Push-To-Talk

PTV  perceived target value

PUB  publication

PUC Public Utilities Commission

PUE Power Usage Effectiveness

PUK  PIN Unblocking Key

P-value  Tail Probability

PVG  patch and vulnerability group

PVV  PIN Verification Value

PWG  Public Working Group

PWS Performance-Based Work Statement

PXE Preboot Execution Environment



QA Quality Assurance

QA/QC  Quality Assurance/Quality Control

QEMU Quick Emulator

QFE  Quick Fix Engineering Software Updates

QoL Quality of Life

QoP  quality of protection 

QoS  Quality of Service

QR  Quick Response

QRF Quick Reaction Force

QSA  Qualified Security Assessor 

QUAL Qualification 



RAU Reserve Augmentation Unit

RAW  Read-After-Write

R&D  research and development

R/W  Read/Write

R2L  Remote-to-Local User Attack 

RA  Registration Authority, Risk Assessment, Receiver Address 

RaaS  Ransomware-as-a-Service

RAD Rapid Application Development

RAdAC  Risk-Adaptable Access Control 

RADIUS  Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service

RAID Random Array of Inexpensive Disks, Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks

RAM  random access memory

RAMPS  Regional Alliances and Multistakeholder Partnerships to Stimulate

RAN  Radio Access Network

Rand Random Number

RAPI  Remote Application Programming Interface

RAPIDS Real-time Automated Personnel Identification System

RAR Risk Assessment Report

RAT  Remote Access Tool 

RBAC  Role-Based Access Control

RBG  Random Bit Generator 

RBIS Risk-Based Inspection System

RBL  Real-Time Blackhole List 

RC2  Rivest Cipher 2

RC4  Rivest Cipher 4

RCD Records Disposition Schedule

RCE  route cache entry

RDF Resource Description Framework

RCFL  Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory 

RCP  Remote Copy Protocol, Ready Cybercrew Program

RCS Rich Communication Services

RDBMS  Regional Database Management System

RDF Resource Description Framework

RDP Remote Desktop Protocol

RDS  Reference Data Set, Records Disposition Schedule

R&D Research and Design

RED  Classified information that is not encrypted 

REL  Rights Expression Language

REMSEC Remanence Security

REN-ISAC  Research and Education Networking Information Sharing and Analysis Center

REP  Robots Exclusion Protocol 

RES Response

REST  Representational State Transfer

RF  Radio Frequency

RFC  Request for Comments 

RF CM  Radio Frequency Countermeasures

RFD  Reflected File Download Attack 

RFI  Request for Information

RFID  Radio Frequency Identification

RFP Request for Proposal 

RFTC  Request for Technical Capabilities

RFU  Reserved for Future Use

RIB  Routing Information Base 

RID  Real-Time Inter-Network Defense, Registered application provider IDentifier

RIP  Routing Information Protocol

RIPng  Routing Information Protocol next generation

RIPv2  Routing Information Protocol version 2

RIPE NCC  Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre

RIR  Regional Internet Registry

RIS  Remote Installation Services

RISC  Reduced Instruction Set Computing

RITIS Regional Integrated Transportation Information System

RIT/RIC rapid intervention teams or crews

RLS  Row Level Security

RM Risk Management

RMA  reliability, maintainability, and availability

RMF Risk Management Framework 

RMON   Remote Monitoring

RN Relay Node

RNG  Random Number Generator 

ROA  Route Origin Authorization 

ROE  Rules of Engagement 

ROI  Return on Investment

ROLIE   Resource-Oriented Lightweight Information Exchange

ROM  Read-Only Memory

ROS Robot Operating System 

RoT   Root of Trust

ROV  Route Origin Validation

RP  Relying Party, Responsible Person

RPA Resolvable Private Address

RPC  remote procedure call

RPF  Reverse Path Forwarding

RPKI  Resource Public Key Infrastructure

RPKI VC  RPKI Validating Cache

RPO  Recovery Point Objective

RPM Revolutions per minute

RPS Registration Practice Statement

RQNT Request for Notification

RR  Resource Record

RRAS Routing and Remote Access Service

RRC Radio Resource Control

RRSIG   Resource Record Signature

RS  Router Solicitation, relay station

RSA  Rivest-Shamir-Adleman

RSASSA RSA Signature Scheme with Appendix

RSBAC  rule set-based access control

RSIP Restart In Progress

RSN  Robust Security Network 

RSNA  Robust Security Network Association

RSNIE   Robust Security Network Information Element 

RSO  reduced sign-on 

RSP Readiness Spares Packages

RSS  Really Simple Syndication

RSSI Received Signal Strength Indication

RSTP Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol

RSVP  Resource Reservation Protocol

RT Runtime, Requalification training

RTA (fictional)  Radionuclide Transportation Agency

RTD Root of Trust for Detection

RTF  Reader Talks First

RTLS  Real-Time Location System

RTM  Root of Trust for Measurement, Ready Tasking Memorandum

RTO  Recovery Time Objective, Regional Transmission Operator

RTOI Real-Time Operations and Innovation

RTP  Real-time Transport Protocol, Real-Time Pricing

RTR  Root of Trust for Reporting

RTRB Realistic Training Review Board

RTRec Root of Trust for Recovery

RTS  Root of Trust for Storage, Remote Telematics System 

RTSP  Real Time Streaming Protocol 

RTU Root of Trust for Update

RuBAC  Rule-Based Access Control

RuleML  Rule Markup Language

R-UIM  Removable User Identity Module