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Cyber Acronyms - S thru Z

Definitions can be found in the "Cyber Dictionary: & NIST Acronyms" available on



S2A  Sub-SA

S3 Simple Storage Service

S3A  Sub-S2A

s second

SA Systems and Services Acquisition, Source Address, Situational Awareness, Security Association

SA&A Security Authorization & Accreditation

SAAR  System Authorization Access Request

SAC  Selected Areas in Cryptography

SACL  system access control list

SACM  Security Automation and Continuous Monitoring

SAD  Security Association Database

SAFECode Software Assurance Forum for Excellence in Code

SAFER  Secure And Fast Encryption Routine, Situational Awareness for Emergency Response

SAFES  Software Assurance Findings Expression Schema

SAID  security association identifier

SAISO Senior Agency Information Security Officer

SAJACC  Standards Acceleration to Jumpstart Adoption of Cloud Computing

SAO  Subject, Action, Object

SAOP Senior Agency Official for Privacy

SAL Source code Annotation Language, Security Assurance Level

SAM  Security Account Manager, software asset management

SAMATE  Software Assurance Metrics And Tool Evaluation

SAMI Sources And Methods Information

SAML   Security Assertion Markup Language 

SAN  Storage Area Network

SANS  Sysadmin, Audit, Networking, and Security

SAR Security Assessment Report, search and rescue

SARD  Static Analysis Reference Dataset

SAS Serial Attached SCSI

SASL  Simple Authentication and Security Layer

SAT Boolean Satisfiability

SATA Serial ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment)

SATE Security Awareness, Training, and Education

SAV  Source Address Validation

SAW surface acoustic wave

SAZ Special Access Zone

S-box  Nonlinear substitution table used in several byte substitution transformations 

SBA  Small Business Administration

S-BGP  Secure Border Gateway Protocol

SBH  Signature Block Header 

SBIR  Small Business Innovation Research

SC System and Communications Protection, Security Category, Subcommittee

SCA  Service Component Architecture

SCADA  Supervisory Controls and Data Acquisition

SCALE Safe Community Alerting Network

SCAP Security Content Automation Protocol 

SCAR  SCA Representatives

SCAS  Security Assurance Specifications

SCAPVAL Security Content Automation Protocol Validation Tool

SCBA  Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

SCC  Standards Coordination Committee

SCCM   Systems Center Configuration Manager

SCE Southern California Edison

SCEPACS  Smart Card Enabled Physical Access Control System

SCF Shell Command File, Service Core Function 

SCI Sensitive Compartmented Information 

SCIF Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility

SCL Smart Card Logon 

SCM  Security Compliance Manager

SCMS  Security Credential Management System

SCORE  Special Cyber Operations Research and Engineering

SCP Secure Copy Protocol

SCRM Supply Chain Risk Management

SCSI  Small Computer System Interface

SCT Specialized Communications Team

SCTP  Stream Control Transmission Protocol

SD  Secure Digital

SDDP Service Development and Delivery Processes

SDIO  Secure Digital Input Output

SDK  Software Development Kit

SDL Security Development Lifecycle

SDLC System Development Life Cycle 

SDO  Standards Developing Organization

SDOC  Supplier's Declaration of Conformity

SDP  Session Description Protocol, Service Discovery Protocol

SDMI  Secure Digital Music Initiative

SDN  Software Defined Networking

SDO  Standards Developing Organizations

SDSoD  Dynamic Separation of Duties

SE Secure Element

SECAM  Security Assurance Methodology

SecCM  Security-Focused Configuration Management


seccomp Secure Computing

Security CONOP  Security Concept of Operations 

SEE Standardization/Evaluation Examiner

SEG Security Experts Group, Security Gateway

SEI  Software Engineering Institute, Special Experience Identifier

SEL Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

SEM Security Event Management

SEND  Secure Neighbor Discovery

SEP  Secure Entry Point, Smart Energy Profile

S2ERC Security and Software Engineering Research Center

SERS Smart Emergency Response System

SES  Senior Executive Service

SFA Security Fault Analysis

SFF Smart Fire Fighting

SFTP  Secure FTP

SFUG Security Features Users Guide 

SG Signaling Gateways

SGCC Smart Grid Cybersecurity Committee

SGIP Smart Grid Interoperability Panel

SGIP-CSWG SGIP – Cyber Security Working Group

SGX Software Guard eXtensions

S-GW  Serving Gateway

SHA  Secure Hash Algorithm

SHA1  Secure Hash Algorithm, version 1

SHA-2   Secure Hash Algorithm version 2 (SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512)

SHAKE  Secure Hash Algorithm KECCAK

SHIM6   Site Multihoming by IPv6 Intermediation

SHODAN  A search engine 

SHS  Secure Hash Standard

SI System and Information Protection (Integrity), Access Control System Implementer, International System of Units

SIA  Security Industry Association

SID  security identifier

SIEM Security Information and Event Management Tool 

SIF  Safety Instrumented Function

SIG Special Interest Group

SIGINT  signals intelligence (DOD)

SII Special Interest Item

SIIT  Stateless IP/ICMP Translation Algorithm

SIL  Safety Integrity Level 

SIM  Security Information Management, Subscriber Identity Module

SINE Single Integrated Network Environment

SIP  Session Initiation Protocol

SIPRNet  Secret Internet Protocol Router Network

SiPS  Signal Processing System

SIS  safety instrumented system

SITREPS Situational Reports

SJC Selectable Joystick Controlled

SKEME  Secure Key Exchange Mechanism

SLA Service-Level Agreement, Site-Level Aggregation Identifier

SLAAC  Stateless Address Autoconfiguration

SLC/MLC/TLC  Single Level Cell/Multi Level Cell/Triple Level Cell Flash Memory

SMI System Management Interrupt

SMB  Server Message Block

SMBIOS  System Management Basic Input/Output System

SMC  Security Mode Command

SME Subject Matter Expert

SME PED  Secure Mobile Environment Portable Electronic Device

S/MIME Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

SMIMEA S/MIME Certificate Association (Resource Record)

SML  Stored Measurement Log

SMM System Management Mode

SMO  Spectrum Management Operations (DOD)

SMRAM  System Management Random Access Memory

SMS Short Message Service, Systems Management Server

SMT System Management Tools, Satisfiability Modulo Theory, scar, mark and tattoo

SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol 

SNIA  Storage Networking Industry Association

SNIFFR Smart Network Infrastructure for Fire Resilience

SNL  Sandia National Laboratories, Saturday Night Live

SNMP  Simple Network Management Protocol

SNMPv1  Simple Network Management Protocol version 1

SNMPv2  Simple Network Management Protocol version 2

SNMPv3  Simple Network Management Protocol version 3

SNTP  Simple Network Time Protocol

Soft AP  Soft Access Point 

SO System Owner

SOA Service-Oriented Architecture, Start of Authority

SOAP  Simple Object Access Protocol

soBGP  Secure Origin Border Gateway Protocol

SoC  System on a Chip

SOCKS  Sockets Protocol

SOCKSv5  Sockets Protocol version 5

SOD Separation of Duty

SODG  System Object Dependency Graph

SOHO  Small Office Home Office

SOM Strength of Mechanism

SONET  Synchronous Optical Network

SOP  Standard Operating Procedure

SOR System of Records

SORN System of Records Notice

SORTS Status of Resources and Training System

SOS System of Systems

SOW Statement of Work

SOX  Sarbanes-Oxley Act

SP Special Publication, Service Pack

SPA  Simple Power Analysis

SPAN Switch Port Analyzer

SPD  Security Policy Database

SPF Sender Policy Framework

SPI  Security Parameters Index

SPINS Special Instructions

SPL  Structured Product Labeling

SPMLTM  Service Provisioning Markup Language

SPO System Program Office

SPOF Signal Point of Failure

SPOT Spot Evaluation

SPP-ICS  System Protection Profile for Industrial Control Systems

SPPN Special Purpose Processing Node

SPSQ Software Productivity, Sustainability, and Quality

SQ Squadron

SQ/CC Squadron Commander

SQL  Structured Query Language

SQLi  Structured Query Language Injection

SQN  Sequence Number

SQuaRE Software product Quality Requirements and Evaluation

SR  service release

SRB  Signaling Radio Bearer

SRES Signed Response

SRG Security Requirements Guide, Security Recommendation Guide

SRK Storage Root Key

SRTM Security Requirements Traceability Matrix 

SRTP  Secure Real-time Transport Protocol

SRV  Safety Relief Valve

SS  Subscriber Station 

SSAC Security and Stability Advisory Committee

SS7 Signaling System 7 

SSBI Single Scope Background Investigation

SSBT Sensor, Surveillance, and Biometric Technologies

SSCA Software and Supply Chain Assurance

SSD Software and Systems Division, Solid State Drive

SSDP  Simple Service Discovery Protocol

SSE-CMM Systems Security Engineering - Capability Maturity Model®

SSH Secure Shell

SSI  Server Side Includes

SSID  Service Set Identifier

SSL  Secure Socket Layer 

SSLF Specialized Security-Limited Functionality

SSN  Social Security Number

SSO System Security Officer, Single Sign-on

SSoD  static separation of duty

SSP System Security Plan, Shared Service Providers, Secure Simple Pairing, Sector-specific Plans

SSP-REP Shared Service Provider Repository Service Requirements

SSPI  Security Support Provider Interface

SSR  Security Standardization Research

SSRR Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics

SSoD   Static Separation of Duties

S&T Science and Technology

ST  security target

STA  Station

STANAGS  Standardization Agreements

STD  Security Tool Distribution

STE Senior Technical Expert

STEM  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

ST&E Security Test & Evaluation 

STO  Special Technical Operations  

STP Spanning Tree Protocol

STIG Security Technical Implementation Guide

STIP  Scientific and Technical Information Program

STIX  OASIS Structured Threat Information Expression

STFW  Search The F***ing Web

STL Spurious Trip Level 

STONESOUP  Securely Taking on Software of Uncertain Provenance

STS Security Token Service

STUN  Session Traversal Utilities for NAT

STVMG  Security Testing, Validation, and Measurement Group

SU  Access Control System User

SUID  Set-User-ID

SURF  Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

SVO Storage and Virtualization Operator

SVRO  Secure Voice Responsible Officers

SVS synthetic vision system

SwA  Software Assurance

SWAM  Software Asset Management

SWID  Software Identification

SWRL   Semantic Web Rule Language

SW1  First byte of a two-byte status word

SW2  Second byte of a two-byte status word

SWSA  Semantic Web Services Initiative Architecture

SYM-CAK  Authentication with the Symmetric Card Authentication Key

SZ  Security Zone  


TA  Transmitter Address, Test Assertion

TACACS Terminal Access Controller Access Control System

TACON Tactical Control

TADIL Tactical Digital Information Link

TAG  technical advisory group

TAS Trust Attestation Service

TASKORD Tasking Order

TASS Trusted Associate Sponsorship System

TAXII  OASIS Trusted Automated Exchange of Indicator Information

TB  Terabytes

TBA Training Business Area

TC  technical committee

TCB  Trusted Computing Base 

TCG  Trusted Computing Group

TCI Time Change Item

TCK Transient Cipher (encryption) Key

TC68  ISO/IEC Technical Committee 68

TCM Technical Content Management

TCNO Time Compliance Network Order

TCP  Transmission Control Protocol

TCPA Telephone Consumer Protection Act

TCP/IP   Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

TCPS  Trusted Cyber Physical Systems

TCS Trouble Call System

TCSEC  Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria

TCTO Time Compliance Technical Order

TD  Technology Development

T&D Transmission and Distribution

T&D DEWG T&D Domain Expert Working Group

TDEA Triple Data Encryption Algorithm

2TDEA  Two-key TDEA

3TDEA  Three-key TDEA

TDM  time division multiplexing

TDMA   Time Division Multiple Access

TE Tennessee Eastman

TEE Trusted Execution Environment

TEK  Traffic Encryption Key, Transient EAP Key 

TELNET  A network protocol

TEP  Tunnel Endpoint

TERENA  Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association

TESLA  Timed Efficient Stream Loss-tolerant Authentication

TFG Total Force Group

TFP  Trust framework provider

TFS  Traffic-Flow Security, Trust Framework Solutions 

TFT  Thin Film Transistor

TFTP  Trivial File Transfer Protocol

TGDC  Technical Guidelines Development Committee

TGS Ticket Granting Server

TGT Ticket Granting Ticket

THC  The Hacker’s Choice

TIA®  Telecommunications Industry Association

TIC thermal imaging camera

TID  Tag Identifier

TIG  Technical Implementation Guidance, Trusted Identities Group

TIG SCEPACS TIG Smart Card Enabled Physical Access Control System

TIK Transient Integrity (protection) Key

TIS Technology Infrastructure Subcommittee

TK  Temporal Key

TKEY  Transaction Key

TKIP  Temporal Key Integrity Protocol

TLD  Top Level Domain

TLS  Transport Layer Security 

TLSA TLS Certificate Association (Resource Record)

TLV  Tag-Length-Value, Type-length-value

TMAP  Telecommunications Monitoring and Assessment Program

TMOVS  Modes of Operation Validation System for the Triple DES Algorithm

TMSAD  Trust Model for Security Automation Data

TMS Telephone Management System

TMSI  Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity

TNC  Trusted Network Connect

TO Technical Order

TODA Technical Order Distribution Account

TODO Technical Order Distribution Office

TOE  Target of Evaluation 

TOIF Tool Output Integration Framework

Tor  The Onion Router

TOCTOU Time of Check, Time of Use

TOS  Trusted Operating System, TOS Type of Service

TPC  Two-Person Control 

TPI  Two-Person Integrity 

TPM  Trusted Platform Module 

TR  Technical Report

TRANSEC  Transmission Security 

TRAV  Path Traversal Cyber-Attack 

TRD  Test Run Detail

TRM  Technical Reference Model 

TRN Turn-Around

TRP Tactical Reconnaissance Package

TRS  Test Results Summary

TRSM Tamper Resistant Security Modules

TRT  Transport Relay Translator

TS  Technical Specification

TSA  time stamping authority

TSC  TKIP Sequence Counter

TSCM  Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

TSCP  Transglobal Secure Collaboration Participation, Inc.

TSEC Telecommunications Security 

TSF  TOE Security Functions, Trustworthy Supplier Framework

TSIG  Transaction Signature, Secret Key Transaction Authentication for DNS

TSN  Transition Security Network

TSP  TOE Security Policy 

TT&E  Test, Training, And Exercise

TTF  Tag Talks First

TTL  Time to Live

TTLS  Tunneled Transport Layer Security

TTP Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures, Trusted Third Party

TUCOFS  The Ultimate Collection of Forensic Software

Turtle  Terse RDF Triple Language

TVA  Tennessee Valley Authority

TXT  Text



U.S.  United States

U.S.C.  United States Code

U2F  Universal 2nd Factor

U2R  User-to-Root Attack 

UA User Agent

UAC User Account Control (Prompt)

UAF  Universal Authentication Framework

UART  Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter

UAS Unmanned Aerial Systems

UAV unmanned airborne/aerial vehicles

UBR  Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) Business Registry

UC  Unified Capabilities

UCAID  University Corporation for Advanced Internet

UCAlug UtiliSec Working Group

UC APL  Unified Capabilities Approved Products List

UCC  Uniform Code Council, Inc.

UCCO Unified Capabilities Certification Office

UCDSMO  Unified Cross Domain Services Management Office

UCE  unsolicited commercial email

UCON   Usage Control

UCT Undergraduate Cyberspace Training

UDDITM Universal Description, Discovery and Integration 

UDF  Universal Disk Format

UDP  User Datagram Protocol

UDP/IP  User Datagram Protocol/Internet Protocol

UE  User Equipment

UEA  UMTS Encryption Algorithm

UEL  Upper Explosive Limit 

UFAD  Underfloor Air Distribution 

UFS  Unix File System

UHF  Ultra High Frequency

UGVs unmanned ground vehicles

UI  User Interface

UIA  UMTS Integrity Algorithm

UICC  Universal Integrated Circuit Card

UK  United Kingdom

UL  Underwriters’ Laboratories®

ULA  Unique Local Address

ULP  Upper Layer Protocol

UMBC University of Maryland Baltimore Campus

UMD Unit Manning Document

UML®  Unified Modeling Language™

UMPC  ultra-mobile personal computer

UMTS   Universal Mobile Telecommunications System

UNB Ultra-Narrowband

UNII  Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure

UPC  Universal Product Code

UPN UserPrincipalName

UPnP  Universal Plug and Play

UPP  User Partnership Program 

UPS  Uninterruptable Power Supply 

URI  Uniform Resource Identifier 

URL  Uniform Resource Locator

URRS Uniform Reliability and Revocation Service

US  United States 

USAA  United Services Automobile Association

USAFWS United States Air Force Weapons School

USB  Universal Serial Bus

US-CERT  United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team

USCIS United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

USCYBERCOM  United States Cyber Command (DOD)

USDA  United States Department of Agriculture

User ID  Unique symbol or character string used to identify a specific user 

USFA  U.S. Fire Administration

USIM  Universal Subscriber Identity Module

USGCB  United States Government Configuration Baseline 

USGv6   United States Government IPv6 

USIM  UMTS Subscriber Identity Module

USM  Unit Security Manager

USPS United States Postal Service

USVs  unmanned or autonomous surface vehicles

USRK Usage-Specific Root Key

UTC  Coordinated Universal Time, Unit Type Code

UTM  Unified Threat Management, Unit Training Manager

UTSA  University of Texas-San Antonio

U&TW Utilization and Training Workshop

UTW Utilization and Training Workshop

UUID  Universally Unique Identifier

UUVs  unmanned underwater/undersea vehicles


UWB  Ultrawideband



V2I  vehicle-to-infrastructure

V2P  vehicle-to-pedestrian 

V2V  vehicle-to-vehicle

v Volt

VA  Virtual Appliance

VANETs  Vehicular ad hoc networks

VAO Vulnerability Assessment Operator

VAR  Value Added Reseller, Volts-Amps-Reactive, Visit Authorization Request

VB  Visual Basic

VB.NET  Visual Basic .NET

VBA  Visual Basic for Applications

VBScript  Visual Basic Script

VCI  Virtual Contact Interface

VD  Virtual Directory 

VDI Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VDO  Vulnerability Description Ontology

VDS  Virtual Directory System

VEs  Operating-System-Level Virtualization Engines 

VEH  Vibrational Energy Harvester 

VFD  variable frequency drive

VGA Video Graphics Array

VHD  virtual hard drive

VHF  Very High Frequency

VID/PID  A 16-bit vendor number and a 16-bit product number

VIS  Authentication using PIV Visual Credentials

VLAN   Virtual Local Area Network

VM  Virtual Machine 

VMI Virtual Mobile Infrastructure

VMM  Virtual Machine Monitor 

VMS  vulnerability management system

VNC Virtual Network Computing

VnE  Vulnerability and Exposure

VNet Virtual Network

vNIC Virtual Network Interface Card

VNID VXLAN Network Identifier

VOIP  Voice Over Internet Protocol 

VoLAC  Volunteer Logical Access Credential

VoLTE  Voice over LTE

VPN  Virtual Private Network 

VPNC  Virtual Private Network Consortium

VPSV  Vacuum Pressure Safety Valve 

VR  virtual reality

VRDX-SIG  Vulnerability Reporting and Data eXchange SIG

VRF  VPN Routing and Forwarding 

VRO Vulnerability Remediation Operator

VRRP  Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol

VSC  Virtual Smart Card

VSS  Volume Shadowcopy Services

VST Virtual Switch Tagging

VTEP   VXLAN Tunnel Endpoint

VTC Video Teleconferencing

VTL  Virtual Tape Library

VVoIP Voice and Video over Internet Protocol

VVSG  Voluntary Voting System Guidelines

VXLA Virtual Extended Local Area Network



W Watt(s)

W3C  World Wide Web Consortium

WAF Web Application Firewall

WAMS  Wide Area Measurement System

WAN  Wide Area Network 

WAP  Wireless Access Point; Wireless Application 

WAR  Write-After-Read

WARM  Wartime Reserve Modes

WASA Wide Area Situational Awareness

WaSP  Web Standards Project

WAVE   Wireless Access for Vehicular Environment

WAW  Write-After-Write

WAYF  Where Are You From

WCCP   Web Cache Coordination Protocol

W-CDMA Wideband CDMA

WCO Wing Cybersecurity Office

WCDE  wildfire collaborative decision environment

WD  Working Draft

WDS  wireless distribution system

WebDAV  Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning

WEA  Wireless Emergency Alerts

WEP  Wired Equivalent Privacy, Weak algorithm used to encrypt wireless networks

WESP  Wrapped ESP

WfMC  Workflow Management Coalition

WfMS  workflow management system

WG Working Group

WIDPS  Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention System

WIDS   Wireless Intrusion Detection System 

Wi-Fi  Wireless 

WiMAX  Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access

WinCE   Windows CE

WIP  Workforce Improvement Program

WIPS  Wireless Intrusion Prevention System 

WIQA-PL  Web Information Quality Assessment Policy Language

WLAN   Wireless Local Area Network

WMAN  Wireless Metropolitan Area Network 

WMI  Windows Management Instrumentation 

WMM®  Wi-Fi Multimedia™

WOMS Work Order Management System

WORM  Write-Once Read-Many; self-replicating malware

WPA  Wi-Fi Protected Access

WPA2®  Wi-Fi Protected Access® 2

WPAN   Wireless Personal Area Network

WPS  Wireless Priority Service 

WRECS  Worcester Polytechnic Institute Robotics Engineering C Squad

WS  Web services 

WSDL Web Services Description Language

WS-Federation  Web Services Federation Language

WS-I Web  services interoperability

WS-I Web  Services Interoperability Organization

WSH  Windows Scripting Host

WSN  Wireless Sensor Network

WSQ Wavelet Scalar Quantization

WSS4J  Web Services Security for Java

WS-Security  Web Services Security

WSUS  Windows Server Update Services

WTF What the F***

WVE  Wireless Vulnerabilities and Exploits

WWAN  Wireless Wide Area Network

WWW   World Wide Web, World Wide Wait

WYSIWYG  What You See Is What You Get  



XACL  XML Access Control Language

XACML Extensible Access Control Markup Language

XAI Explainable Artificial Intelligence

XAE eXtended Automation Engineering

XAP  XML Administration Protocol

XCBC  Extended CBC

XCCDF  Extensible Configuration Checklist Description Format 

XcodeGhost  A counterfeit version of an Apple development tool, Xcode

XHTML  Extensible Hypertext Markup Language

XIP  eXecute In Place

XKMS  XML Key Management Specification

XLSX Microsoft Excel Workbook File

XML  Extensible Markup Language

xMOM  extensible Message Oriented Middleware

XMPP Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol

XOF  Extendable Output Function 

XOR  Exclusive OR

XPath XML Path Language

XPN  eXtended Packet Number

XRES  Expected result

XrML   Extensible Rights Management Language

XSD XML Schema Definition

XSF XMPP Standards Foundation

XSL  Extensible Stylesheet Language

XSLT  Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation

XSL-FO XSL Formatting Objects

XSS  Cross Site Scripting 

XswKit  Fileless registry attack malware that destroys itself upon execution and leaves no trace 

XTS XEX  Tweakable Block Cipher with Ciphertext Stealing



YARA   Computer forensics tool 

YARD   Yet Another Radio Dongle 

YMMV  Your Mileage May Vary

YTF  YouTube Faces 



ZAP  Zed Attack Proxy 

Zbeba  Hackerspeak for a ‘moron’ 

ZLL  ZigBee Light Link

ZSK  Zone Signing Key