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We print U.S. govt pubs so you don't have to.

We print U.S. govt pubs so you don't have to.

We print U.S. govt pubs so you don't have to.We print U.S. govt pubs so you don't have to.

You don't have the luxury to surf the web searching for the latest version of a manual 

Why Buy a Book You Can Download from the Internet?

Why print manuals yourself?

That can take hours and the result is not pretty.  Our books are fully bound so it's 

easy to take along to a meeting and they take up less space on the shelf.

We print Government docs so you don't have to!

Most of our books are a full 8 1/2 by 11 inches with LARGE TEXT

Sometimes we replace the very poor quality images


Sometimes old documents are copied so many times, the images are useless.  Whenever possible, we scour the planet for replacement images from the original.  If that's not possible, we replace it with a highly-detailed photograph.

Why buy the paperback from us?

Get the ePub FREE

All our titles are available on Many are in Amazon's Matchbook program which let's you get the eBook FREE when you buy the paperback! 

NOTE: The Matchbook link below appears on the page for the Kindle version of the book you purchased.

After you purchase the paperback

Amazon Matchbook Program allows FREE download of ePub when you buy the paperback

 Go to the Kindle page for the paperback you purchased and look for the "Matchbook Price."  Click on "What's This." 

See all your Matchbook Titles


Click the link to see a list of all your paperbacks purchased that are eligible for FREE Matchbook download.

To buy:  Go to and enter the pub number in the search box.  Add it to your cart.

How to Order a Title

Go to

All our titles are available on, so you can buy with confidence.  Simply go to and enter the Government publication number or name (for example: in the search bar, type "GAO-14-704G" or "Standards for Internal Control in the Federal Government" or common name "GAO Green Book").  Then, click "Add to Cart".  It's that simple.  Amazon will ship your copy quickly because we print-on-demand.  Our titles are NEVER out of stock. Many of our titles are available thru the Amazon Matchbook Program.  The eBook of those titles are available for FREE download to those that have purchased the paperback.  

Yes we know

All Government titles are available for free download in PDF, but then you gotta print it out.  Not a problem if it's a few pages, but if it's 580 pages, do you really want to print it over the LAN?  Then you gotta punch holes and stuff a big fat binder.  We print these as a service.  Since the book is in the public domain, we cannot copyright that content, but we include comments that are copyright.  Not a lot of verbiage, just couple pages.  Anyway, your time is valuable, so it's cheaper to just buy a copy from us.  Our company is owned by a Vietnam-era veteran. SDVOSB in a HUBZONE.

Example How to Search the eBook Version

1. Tap Kindle screen to search


Kindle offers a couple ways to quickly find what you need.  Either using hyperlinks or word search.

2. Click "Go To" at top left


You could swipe thru the pages on the bottom, or just click "Go To" at the top.

3. Click icon to expand Part 1


That gets you to the Table of Contents of the Hyperlinks.  Click on one of the bullets to expand the section and see the Sub Parts.

4. Click title to go to Sub Part


Click on the title to go to the Sub Part.  That takes you right to the page.  Sometimes titles below the level can be expanded as well.

5. Or click icon, enter search word


The Magnifying Glass on the right will let you search for a specific word or phrase.

6. Select one to go to page


Kindle will display a partial sentence for each time the word appears in the text.  Scroll down to see more choices. You can come back to each.

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